The Tea-Baggers who stole Christmas!

You’re a mean one, Mr. Gingrich
You really area  heel,
You’re as cuddly as a cactus, you’re as charming as an eel, Mr. Gingrich,
You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel!


You’re a monster, Mr. Cheney,
Your heart’s an empty hole
You’re brain is full of spiders, you have garlic in your soul, Mr. Cheney, I wouldn’t touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!


You’re a foul one, Mr. Limbough, You have termites in your smile, You have all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile, Mr. Limbough, Given a choice between the two of you’d take the seasick crocodile!

You’re a rotter, Mr. Hannity, You’re the king of sinful sots, Your heart’s a dead tomato splotched with moldy purple spots, Mr. Hannity, You’re a three decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauce!

You nauseate me, Mrs. Palin, with a nauseous super “naus”! You’re a crooked dirty jockey and you drive a crooked hoss, Mrs. Palin, Your soul is appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of rubbish imaginable mangled up in tangled up knots!


You’re a foul one, Mr. Beck, You’re a nasty wasty skunk, Your heart is full of unwashed socks, and your soul is full of gunk, Mr. Beck, The three words that best describe you as follows, and I quote, “Stink, stank, stunk”!

Merry Christmas Teabaggers!!


The Future Speaker of the House is Weak!

So I’ve been trying to figure out why a man would cry in public. I’ve figured it out. I’m positive I will find the majority (how fitting) of people agree with me. Let me explain my reasoning before I get hate mail. Might I just say this is about our Conservative friend John Boehner. My first reaction was, this guys gay. It was the wrong reaction, men cry sometimes. However, In my 29 years of life I have yet to see my father cry. I don’t think I ever will and that shows me that my dad either doesn’t cry or just doesn’t do it in public. Smart move on his part, crying shows weakness. If you’re a man or a woman, it shouldn’t be done in public. Especially when you are in the public eye. As is Representative Boehner. Even more troublesome than that, he is a leader in this country. That makes me want to cry, don’t worry I wont get in front of the news cameras and do that. 

So, I have seen men cry before don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if men should be made of stone and never shed a tear. There are certain circumstances where crying is absolutely acceptable. Your child, parents, spouse, grandparents, a close relative, best friend, or dog passing away. Some other acceptable reasons can be; winning the lottery (large sum), becoming paralyzed, watching your child being born, watching a loved one get tortured, coming home from war, and maybe dropping something that weighs more than 50lbs on your toe. There may be a few more reasons where it’s feasible to cry, however I can’t think of any other reasons that are good enough. Most of the time when people cry they are rarely in a public setting as it is. So, to cry over winning an election;  it’s a great thing, but have you ever seen a President cry after winning? No doubt some if not all of them may have. Not once have I seen that happen on camera. That is an excellent thing too, showing weakness is not good for the leaders of this great nation. You say, Obama caved that shows weakness, not the same thing. He may have compromised with the Republicans, but he didn’t cry about it. It’s not like he stomped his feet and threw a tantrum. He called them hostage takers, that is exactly what the GOP was doing. So weak, no the deal could have been better, but that’s not what this is about.

Weak defined as: Not having authority, political strength, or governing power “a weak president”.  I am not speaking of our President as you may have guessed. I am speaking of no other than John Boehner, the next house speaker. It’s a scary thought, is this guy going to cry if he can’t get a bill passed? I can see him throwing himself on the ground because the Democrats disagree with him. It’s an absolute catastrophe having this so called man leader of the US House of Representatives. I’m appalled that such a spineless, cowardly person can actually call himself a leader. It figures he’s from Ohio, not that I am against the state as a whole, just anyone who voted for a man that cries for no real reason. Let me elaborate on that.

Boehner cried while talking about schools. Also, cried when his wife said she was proud of him. In fact most of his interview he did on 60 minutes the man sobbed through. Who in their right mind would give this guy sympathy. I must say he has 11 siblings. That can’t be easy, but he’s been in congress since the early 90’s. I have no sympathy for the devil. On election night the man sobbed like a baby. When he debates during congressional sessions he cries occasionally. I’ve done some research on this and found that it’s more than occasionally. Don’t let this guy fool you, he’s not the emotional guy he seems to be. He has his skeletons in the closet that you can find as easily as I have. Crying doesn’t make us feel for you, either you’re a pretty decent actor or you’re too emotional for politics. If that was Speaker Pelosi crying on TV, the conservatives would have a field day. A woman, just too emotional to hold office. That is exactly what you would hear. I’m sure it would be worse than that. That woman is an excellent speaker. She has yet to cry in public and I applaud her for that!

I agree with the ladies on the view, I can’t believe I’m putting that in writing. MAN UP! Don’t be such a pansy everyone has problems. I don’t feel for your kids they have more money and opportunity than most American children. They will be just fine, especially now that they won’t pay taxes on the millions you leave them at your death. Also, they’ll pay minimal taxes at least for the next two years. Ohio, stop voting for the morons please! That state has screwed the United States numerous times. I say we boycott Ohio, give them to Mexico. Better yet, lets put the lifers in prison there. We can put a big wall around the state throw the people that are in prison for life in there. Hell, conservatives are all for guns right? Lets give each prisoner a gun with a duffel bag full of ammo, strong will survive. Technically the ones with the best aim will. Then those people can be shipped off to war and we can bring the real heroes home. Sounds like a damn good idea to me. I’m starting to sound like a crazy teabagger. It’s just a thought. Wow Ohio, way to screw the country yet again.

These are videos of a few instances of Boehner crying. Some say a drunk, I say weak same difference.
In conclusion, I must say a few things I have found out about this blubbering idiot. The main one that really got to me was from back in 1996. There was a bill being heard to come up for tobacco subsidy. He actually handed checks from major tobacco companies to representatives in the house. Boehner also has done the same thing when bills for steel regulations come up. Yet he takes money from them. Sounds like he paid some people off for votes including himself. He said it wasn’t illegal admitted doing it, says it will never happen again. Maybe that’s why he cries he’s got too much money from kick backs. This is the Representative we have leading the house starting 2011.  Boehner is very hypocritical, since he cried over the poor children. He has also voted against providing health insurance for children (many times),against raising the minimum wage, against tobacco education, against raising prison time for crimes against children. He and his fellow Republicans are voting hard against the same federal grants that put him through college. Remember when you pump your gas and watch the prices rising that John Boehner get’s kick backs from the oil companies to keep those prices rising. It’s great to be an American! Gotta love those conservative Republicans. They will make our country better, so they say. These are just more things that makes me sick. It should make you sick as well! Remember we the people have the right to overthrow the government. No time like the present!

Innovation and the American Way


You know, I’m sickened by the Republicans and the Tea Party! What makes these people think that not raising taxes is such a spectacular idea? All I ever hear is where is the money coming from to pay for unemployment? I’d like to know where the money is coming from to keep these tax laws the same. There is no money in the budget, there can’t be if we are in such debt. So why are we spending any money at all? I know that the Tea Party wants to slow spending and make less government. That’s not their true agenda; it’s what they want people to think. It gave them votes; now let’s see what these guys do. They are saying they are going to do what they say they were going to do. They haven’t said much, less spending and a smaller government. That will put them out of a job, so I say go for it!


Spending money should be stopped, pull the troops out of Afghanistan. We are there to train their police. I think we should pack up and ship out of there. The troops are dying over there and it’s making things worse. There is no reason why good American soldiers are dying for nothing. Obama should have pulled them out the day he came into office. If the oil is so good over there lower our gas prices!  If we are going to spend any money it should be on innovation. We need to be building up our country from top to bottom. China and India are defeating us in a big way. Innovation is the key, lets do it! The US was the top in production, ideas, and technology. It’s frightening the way this country is perceived. We can’t get anything done. We fight amongst ourselves. We are our own enemy now. Instead of fighting each other we should be fighting to make our country whole and together again. This point in my life I am not proud at all to be American.


You know I do not agree with Republicans, but I can agree to disagree. Then we all need to move on. This really needs to be addressed or the Senate and the House will never get any bills passed it will be at a stand still. Innovation should be the top priority for all parties. If you would all get together and see this is what our country needs we can start to make progress. Work united to make our country whole once more. It needs to be done, stop fighting and get something done.


Don’t Ask, Don’t tell should be revoked, no doubt about it. It really isn’t that much of a pressing issue that can’t be addressed at a later date. Let’s start production, building, get people jobs! It’s the only way to bring us back on top. Every person in government should really get with it and decide what to do. Taxes should be raised for everyone just do it already. If you keep spending and letting people pay less taxes our economy is going to fall apart. Stop the bail outs on all of these huge banks and corporations! Let them hit the bottom. The depression will happen sooner or later; if you get it over with the faster we can come through. This tax bill is terrible for anyone who makes 20k – 40k per year, it will raise the taxes for these people. As usual the rich get richer. Why on earth would anyone vote for that? Well the politicians that want to keep lining their pockets will vote for it. That’s the only reason anyone will sign that bill. My senators will lose my vote if they vote for that disastrous bill.


I’m tired of seeing people go hungry, homeless, and jobless. Do what needs to be done and stop the spending. If you want to bail someone out, how about all the screwed over homeowners? Forget these banks that screwed up, they made their bed now they should lie in it.

On a side note, Michael Moore paid 20k to bail out Julian Assange. He isn’t out yet, but he will be. Good for him! Keep up the fight Moore! The smart people are on your side!

Dear President Obama


Dear Mr. President,
I’m going to start by saying, you’ve gotten a bad reputation by getting handed a screwed up economy. That being said, this tax bill is completely ludicrous! I know you didn’t want unemployment to get shut down. That would be a bad thing for sure. It really doesn’t make sense to tax the people on unemployment more. We are keeping this Bush tax law in place, but raising taxes on anyone making 20k – 40k? What about that makes any sense? It really is a travesty when you keep taxes for someone who makes more than 250k the same, but bump up the poor to middle class. What are you telling people by doing this? Let me tell you, screw the poor and almost middle class we’ll give the tax relief to people that don’t really need it. Trouble with this is people that may have made over 40k per year now make less. Perhaps not everyone, but anyone who lost their job and settled for any job they could get or anyone on unemployment.
Lowering taxes on pay checks is a tremendous idea! Regrettably, it’s on Social Security, so my guess is I won’t have that option when I retire. How about lowering a different tax such as federal, state, Medicare? I really think lowering taxes is a bad idea in any case. How do you expect the economy to grow while lowering taxes? I say raise them all, if you’re going to do it to someone who makes a minimal salary do it to everyone!
What is going on with the housing market? This HAMP deal you proposed, doesn’t work as well as you said it would. I haven’t heard much about it in recent months. I do know several people that have applied for this. I know only one person that was approved for the modification. This person makes over 100k per year. This man didn’t pay his mortgage for over a year. He had a gambling problem. HAMP worked well for this man. Lowered his interest, lowered the payment, and took away everything he owed for a whole year. I tried to get this myself, and was shut down told we didn’t qualify. There are so many clauses in this bill that does not make sense. If anyone has an FHA loan, they will never get this deal. It would be nice if you could figure out another way to help people. No one wants to lose their home, so many have already. You need to help people and make the laws for HAMP clear.
When the Republicans take over the house in January, please veto any law they propose! They will screw up our country just like every other Republican has done from the start. I really want to believe in you, and I do for now. You are truly making it very hard to do. You know as well as I do that trickle down politics does not work. It never will, Conservatives seem to think it will. I don’t know what their reasoning is behind this, but it never has. It makes the wealthy even wealthier, creating jobs will not happen. It will be the downfall to this country. It really is a scary thought especially when I have small children. They are going to be living in poverty even with a college degree.
Homeless American woman and her children. This will happen more and more.
The poor college graduates now, can’t get a job if they do they are getting paid way under the normal. If you look for jobs in my area there are 3-5 mostly things that require college or something that pays well under the norm. Unemployment continues to rise, it will continue to until there are real jobs out there. I don’t blame any unemployed person that doesn’t take a job that pays less then they are getting on unemployment. After all, they paid into that unemployment.
Here’s another good idea, raise the import tax. If you raise this tax they will bring most of the companies back here. It’s not public information what stocks and corporations politicians have stake in. It should be public information, if it was the Americans would vote a hell of a lot differently.
If Bush can figure it out anyone can….


If you want my vote in 2012 and every other vote you would be expecting to get you need to do what you planned. Fight those bastard conservatives on everything they propose, to a point they may try to make good laws. It’s hard to believe they will do what they say, not that they said much. The only thing I seen during the November election was democrats and republicans bashing each other. Truthfully I didn’t hear any real debating going on. The power of veto is a strong tool you hold. Please use it wisely.
Thank you for reading and good luck to you!

Fox News the BIG Fraud!

Watching Fox News makes my stomach churn. I watch that crap so my good readers never have to. It’s an immoral network that makes way too much money on bullshit and lies. Why in the hell would you have Alert posted on the bottom of the screen for things like “An illegal immigrant just came over the border”. Seriously, that’s not a freaking alert! The only reason that you should put Alert on the screen is for, an attack or something that actually pertains to our daily lives. Flash flooding all over the viewing area, a fire burning in the entire country, it’s laughable that whenever Sarah Palin breaks a nail Fox News has Alerts on the bottom right corner of the screen. What’s the deal with the crap scrolling across the bottom of the screen? Most of it is not news at all. It’s opinions of the idiots who run the station. Most importantly this is NOT news at all, it’s strictly propaganda.The absolute worst people work for this network. My least favorite of course. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Geraldo, Greta, Huckabee, and Greg Gutfeld. That’s just naming a few of the morons that are actually televised.

Let’s start with my friend Glenn Beck, what a douche bag. This man has to me the most irritating person on the station for sure. He speaks in the third person at times. This joker thinks he’s untouchable. It’s hard to listen to him and not yell at the screen. I’m confused as to how this guy is even on TV? What background does this yahoo have to tell anyone what to do? I’ll tell you, he didn’t have a great childhood. His Dad was an alcoholic and his mother died when he was 13. She drowned when on a boat with another person, he likes to tell people she committed suicide, which is untrue. He was married and divorced (the woman had to be a saint). His only formal education was high school, he is supposedly a “recovering” addict and alcoholic. Beck, was a pothead and a drunk, that explains a lot. At one point he contemplated suicide, so he’s  a confirmed lunatic! He was born and raised Roman Catholic and switched to Mormonism after marrying his current wife. They must be swingers, who knows, doesn’t sound very conservative to me. So, Beck is crazy, a drunk, and a drug addict with no real experience on anything to do with political matters. This guy also made 32 million dollars from March 09 – March 10, wonder why he loves the Right-Wing so much.  People still trust this poor excuse for a man, more power to you. While you’re following Beck and his followers to hell I’ll wave at you from above.

Sean Hannity, oh this bastard, you can’t get rid of him. The only thing good I will admit about him is he has a nice sounding voice on the radio. Other than that, the man is an evil heretic. His education sounds like one that came from money. He went to a prep school and dropped out of college. He has one opinion, his own and he doesn’t give a damn who knows it. It’s a good quality to have unless of course you have outrageous opinions like this turkey. He has this “Great American Panel” on his show. It’s usually a liberal and/or democrat on one end, two far Right-Wing Conservative normally they are Fox News contributors, and an idiot woman either normally someone who has nothing to do with politics at all. So these people are on his show contributing to the conversation. Whenever the liberal/democrat makes any sort of good point; Sean yells over them and talks over them making his point clear. Let me remind you his points are always the most immoral ones you can make. When he says things like: Unemployment is bad for the country, these people aren’t even looking for jobs, and TSA is just going overboard. First of all, Unemployment is needed people have bills and homes and would like to keep their houses if the banks let them. Second, TSA is doing their job, they do what they are told.

I’m not going to even mention the other half-wits. I’m guessing most do not have any kind of political degree and or background. Moral of the story, Fox News employees people that have no real education, and have no idea what they are talking about. This is all to get ratings, I say boycott Fox News. I’ll watch to keep you all posted. If you do watch take what you hear with a grain of salt.

Obama Sold His Soul To The Republicans

President Obama sold his soul to the republicans tonight. He looked sad and defeated when he announced it. He should have fought those people to the death. Letting them win was a bad idea. Showing weakness to these conservatives was the wrong move. Let me tell you why, we are going to be depending on other countries mainly China to pay for these Bush tax cuts. These are the same tax cuts that screwed our countries in the first place. We are repeating mistakes yet again. Let me remind you of what Reagan did, taxes were lowered and the rich got richer. The only people that will benefit these tax cuts are the wealthy 1% of this country. They don’t need the money. Donald Trump himself said he would be fine paying more taxes. What the hell is wrong with this country? I’m mad as hell, this is ridiculous.
Conservatives are thinking they just got a win. I can’t believe that any politician thinks this is a good move. I thought they were educated, apparently I was wrong. These Conservatives are a bunch of greedy bastard that’s all that means. They are getting their cake and eating it too. It’s so freaking wrong, it’s unbelievable! Anyone who voted for any of these jokers should be strung up along with them. Now we can take bankers, conservatives, and the idiot voters and publicly hang them. That is what they did to us in a way.
The debt is going up. Isn’t that what these Republicans keep saying against Obama? His debt is so high blah, blah, blah. That is only getting higher now that Obama caved into this craziness. Fight for what you believe in. Screw it all, they wanted the working class to get screwed. Screw the rich right back. Raise their taxes make them poor, make them unable to pay their mortgage, car payment, taxes. Put their ass in the welfare line, that’s the only way they will see what they are doing to people.
This will be the death of this country. It’s going down fast. There will be no more job opportunities in doing this. I’d much rather pay more taxes than let these assholes win. Anyone who agrees needs to start writing letters to your Senators, US Representative, and Obama. That is the only way America stand up and be heard. This is bullshit and we won’t take it!
Sean Hannity, if you read this I just want to say you have to be one of the biggest assholes out there. Stop trying to sell people crap they don’t need and everything you advertise for is a scam and it’s just crap! You have terrible opinions and must be working with the devil. Have fun burning in hell and Merry Christmas you freaking Nazi! I really can’t believe he has that crazy televangalist on his show! Joel Osteen, he’s a scam artist, using religion to make money! His wife looks like a first class whore too. It sounds like a republican to me. Oh, now I can finally say I do HATE Hannity. Why are you on every radio station too? You are taking over the airwaves everyone run for cover!


Mark Levin the Screaming Scumbag, and Unemployment.

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How many unfortunate experiences can I have in one week? I was scanning through my AM stations on the way to school yesterday. I was trying and maybe hoping a little that there was better talk radio out there. Shawn Hannity is on more than one station that actually pissed me off. Not one station supported Democrats, Liberals, or The President. It really doesn’t make sense. I know there is an uneasy amount of Republican Conservatives out there. There are also numerous Democrat Liberals. I would like to start a Liberal radio program. I know there would be many listeners of all backgrounds. Anyone interested in investing in that let me know.
While scanning through the radio I stopped abruptly when I heard a lunatic screaming. This raving lunatic was Mark Levin, he screams for no apparent reason. Sorry dude, that won’t get you ratings. It got my attention for a second, but I couldn’t listen for long. Screaming doesn’t make you right, I just want to point that out. If you have a good opinion, that should get your point across. This guys an idiot, he’s just another example of the raving lunatics we call Republicans. Mark Levin, is the idiot conservative of the day!
Mark Levin, Idiot Conservative of the Day~
Limbaugh, ugh what a freaking moron, he twists words around. How can he say that Unemployed people actually save that money? That isn’t even possible, especially if they have even one bill. The unemployed spend all of their benefits almost immediately. It’s not enough to support themselves let alone a family. It goes quickly and I feel for anyone on it. Especially now when all of their benefits were just canceled because the idiot conservatives decided not taxing the wealthy is more important.
This stuff just makes me mad as hell. There is no reason behind screwing the working class. These are the people that make the economy go around. Take note of that, it’s the truth. Wealthy spend as little as possible so they will continue to be wealthy. It’s a known fact, working class most are pay check to pay check. That means: THEY SPEND ALL THE MONEY IN THEIR PAY CHECKS! So if you really think that cutting unemployment and taxes is the best thing to do, you are sadly mistaken. This country will go down quickly if that happens.
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah you no longer have a check to count on! Welcome to what the Tea Party did! Screwed up the United States for the rest of us!