My marriage and my abortion is none of your business!

Marriage is defined as the mutual relation of married persons or the institution whereby individuals are joined in a marriage. Not in either definition does it say a man and woman. By every definition marriage is when two people get together before their family and friends and have a ceremony and party to express their love. This is the way it has always been, well now same sex partners want to be married. As a married person I do not see this as a threat or a sin. If two people love each other and want to be married who am I to stop them? Who is anyone to stop them? 

Could it be Satan?



The politicians should have no say in this, our country was based on freedom and if they do not allow two people who love each other to be married, then how can you continue to say we are free? The Catholic Church really has no say either. The hate spout out by most religions on this matter is really quite astounding. The way they speak against things leads me to believe they do not practice their own faith. Love thy neighbor is apparently out the window. Catholic priests argue that they will be no longer able to teach marriage in their institutions for the simple fact that the government will uphold what they believe is false. I disagree, being a Catholic myself this makes me absolutely sick. Let me clarify this I am Catholic, but I am not a practicing Catholic any longer. What is happening now may even help me denounce my Catholic faith. If you have read any of my previous blogs there are many things I do disagree with when it comes to the Catholic religion. I am pro-choice, I believe in birth control, and I believe marriage by definition is two people in love joining unions. It doesn’t matter if say a white woman and a black man marry does it? I would almost guarantee that the Republican Party and the Catholic Church would have fought against that as well if they had any grounds.  

Prisoners can get married, just remember that!

Apparently the Government and the Catholic Church do not believe that history can repeat itself. Every war the United States has been in has always had something to do with religion. This topic may not start a war, but can easily cause riots and chaos across the country. It is sad to think that two people that are in love and may or may not even have a child can not get married if they choose to. This is not the country I thought it was. 

Real cut and dry!

I feel I must add pro choice in this as well, so this is what they are saying. Lets say I’m 13 and pregnant and decide abortion is the best choice. If this is outlawed then say I decide on giving the baby up for adoption. So that is done the 13 year old goes through 9 months of pregnancy and gives the baby up. Well she did not have a “buyer” for the baby (as weird as that sounds). The baby goes to a foster home. A gay couple walks in and decides this is the perfect baby for me. Well this gay couple is not married but one is a lawyer and the other a doctor either way the adoption agency would feel more comfortable giving this child to a married couple. Poor kid could have had a great life with a doctor and lawyer I’m guessing. So a heterosexual couple walks in and wants this same baby, they are married. The mom stays at home and smokes crack all day (she didn’t put that on her application, she writes “stay and home mom”). The dad is a drug dealing pimp that has a bar as a front. This is the couple the adoption company has chosen! So tell me again that this is justice? The mother then claims welfare for her adopted baby. With this life style history is bound to repeat itself. The poor adopted soul will not have a chance. So tell me is it better to have an abortion or give a baby up for adoption? These are statistics based on SOS Children Villages…
 Worldwide Orphan Statistics

Oz wouldn’t we all love to live in that dream world!


Foster Care in the United States

Approximately 25,000 children age out of the foster care system every year at age 18.

  • 25% of these foster children will become homeless
  • 56% of these emancipated foster care children enter the unemployment ranks
  • 27% of the emancipated male children in foster care end up in jail
  • 30% of the emancipated females in foster care experience early parenthood

That will add to the deficit I would definitely alert the GOP this may interest them.

Bottom line, worry about yourself. Stop caring so much about what other people do! If two people want to get married let them! If there is an unwanted child growing in a woman’s body, it has NOTHING to do with you! I am sick of old conservative men telling other people what to do because they have made some GREAT choices in their lives. I am quite sure everyone, and I do mean everyone on capital hill has sinned far greater than any gay man or woman! I will bet the same goes for the woman having unprotected sex or the ones getting raped.
As for the Catholic Church…get in this century with your beliefs or you will lose many Catholics.

This church will one day be empty if things keep going the way they are.

Freedom in the US? Not even close!



I keep seeing freedom posts on Facebook and Twitter and I just keep thinking why on earth do people think we are free? It’s actually quite amusing. The only thing we are free of is the tax England put on us. We still pay taxes we are actually taxed more than once on most purchases, we vote but the results seem altered… at best, we have various stupid laws that take away much of our so-called freedom, and I can’t carry a gun in a major city (legally) exactly how is that free? We may have a few perks other countries do not have, but as far as I see it no freedom here. Freedom of speech is kind of a joke too, most people would sue you if you say the wrong thing. I still am able to blog, score one for the US, but I can still potentially get sued if I offend someone. I am not really afraid of being sued, so if that is your goal stand in line.
Proof inbreeding is real!


This guy is living the dream. Does this make you proud to be American?


No caption necessary


 The world seems to be going backwards instead of forwards. The News keeps scaring the hell out of everyone, first I see people are dying of bird flu, then I see North Korea is threatening to attack us. The news is run by the government, they have to get approval of what gets out to the public. The real news is hush hush, best thing to do is watch BBC News problem with that is I believe they are holding back information as well. When the news starts to scare you that means our government is pulling one over on everyone. I do not doubt that. The Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are mere puppets they will do anything for money and it is quite scary that the corporations are running these men and women. The problem is no one will stop them. The protests were really quite cute but did not do a damn thing. I am proud of the 99% for wasting their time, I’m just glad I did not jump on that bandwagon. Be individuals not sheep, try and thinking for yourselves for a change. The government fears this and this is what will save us. If the people do not do something and I mean pretty soon, we will all be screwed. Protesting in a line with signs is not working, I think that was proved. There are other ways, and I do not mean illegal things. The problem is we will not stand together. I will stand next to a Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Independent, whoever, we all have the same goal why don’t we work together. Our lovely government can not agree, but we can be the bigger people and let them know we are unhappy. I am not saying that to be against any party, it is all of them. They act like children! At the end of the week, they stomp their feet and say “I’m taking my ball and I’m going home”. That stuff really needs to stop!

Duck and Cover

ObamaCare is from 2010 GET OVER IT!

I am so incredibly happy that our Senators and US Representatives are deciding to try to balance the budget and  kill ObamaCare. North Korea is trying to nuke us, but you know what let’s worry about how ObamaCare will bring our country down. WAKE UP POLITICIANS! Deal with real issues ObamaCare has been done, instead of repealing it how about we figure out how it can help. Here is a better option let’s read the law since none of the Conservatives have bothered to “it’s too long.” Hmm, I thought it was your job to do that? Maybe that cuts into your 45 vacations a year, that lord knows you really need because your job is just so stressful. Try raising children and then tell me how stressful being a Senator or Representative is. Not to mention the fact that you can do one term and make your salary for the rest of your miserable life. I am certainly in the wrong field, should have went to law school. If only I did that I could be as lazy as everyone on Capital Hill. Just so everyone is clear, the Democrats are lazy as well. I do not discriminate when talking about how the law-makers (MOST) do not do a damn thing to help our country. The main concern on their plates are how much money do I get if I vote this way or that way. It really should make the people in the US sick. The funny thing is that most people aren’t even aware of how this all works. The average US citizen is blind to what our lovely government does. If you went through school, meaning K-12 then you have taken the Constitution test and should know how the government works. Unfortunately, most people have either chosen to forget or never really knew what the hell was going on in the first place.


North Korean Soldiers (scared yet)
This looks like Germany during WWII (it’s last month in Korea)

Back to North Korea, wow the new leader wants to eliminate its enemies. That would mean the US, they actually have put the video out of North Korean Soldiers shooting at targets that have pictures of US soldiers on them. Let us be concerned with ObamaCare because North Korea is just bluffing right? Let’s hope, but I am very doubtful they are extremely dangerous. The new leader is just as brutal as his father. If you ask me he is even more brutal, he is a new Hitler that is no joke he has already called martial law on his own people. Only time will tell what will happen, but for now duck and cover because our Government is not helping this situation. They are trying to work on defunding ObamaCare which was put into effect in 2010 that is three years they have been trying to do this and since it has yet to be done let’s move on to bigger and better things. I don’t know how about job creation? They could care less about that, it doesn’t affect them in any way shape or form and you want to know why? They are going to get the same salary they have now (for their whole lives) for doing absolutely nothing. They may have been elected but not a damn one of them do their job it makes me absolutely sick! Duck and Cover when you hear the sirens because North Korea is for real they mean business and you better hope our government gets off their ass and does something about this threat. Taunting them is probably not our best idea, but it is what we have come up with so far. One more thing, if I hear the song “Proud to be an American” one more time I am going to lose it. Have a lovely day Americans because with this threat it could be one of our last days.

Kim Jong-un (he is only 29 years old)