10 Reason Texas Sucks!

crowded airplaneDallas Crowded

Boarding the crowded plane from Chicago was uncomfortable enough with three children under 9. Departing the plane in Dallas was like strolling into hell. The heat and humidity takes your breath away. The airport itself was nothing short of a cluster fuck. Dallas airport was crowded, unimpressive, and I’m pretty sure the air conditioner was off. Then waiting to board yet another plane to arrive at what will be my new home. I’ll have to admit the plane into Midland wasn’t so bad, the plane itself was not crowded at all and quite roomy. In the air the farmland looked like alien landing zones. Midland airport was brand new and deserted, I guess that makes sense for an airport in the desert. The weather was extremely hot, the humidity was gone which only made it a smidge better to deal with. Leaving the airport there was a dusty wind along with ridiculous heat. I was sure this state was hell on earth.








When I found out we were moving to Texas, I was not so happy. Having never been to Texas, but knowing everything I did about the state did not help at all. It didn’t matter my family was moving here and so was I. It is extremely difficult leaving everything you know and your entire family behind. Luckily I have my husband and kids we stick by each others side and it helps. Enough about me though this is about how Texas sucks, but for all you Texas lovers I’ll add some things that don’t suck so much.

haha texas

  1. The Cowboys, no I don’t mean the hot ones on horses either. I’m talking about the football team. Seeing that silver and blue star everywhere make me want to vomit. Jerry Jones (the owner of the Cowboys) is a greedy son-of-a-bitch, technically he should be the asshole in this post, but not today. The team itself is over rated, of course being from Chicago I go with the Bears. Any team that is not the Cowboys is fine in my book.                                                                                                                               cowboys suck
  2. The Drivers, are the worst I have ever come across, and I’ve been to Florida. I’ve never seen anything like it. No one uses turn signals, and I’ve never seen anyone get pulled over for it. Texans don’t stop at that line at a stop sign instead they stop in the middle of the road past the stop sign. Texting and driving is legal so everyone seems to be doing it. A lady once while texting stopped at a stop sign did not even look up and kept going. I was there first, but luckily I was paying attention to her.                                                                Bad-Driver
  3. The Shack Houses, It literally looks like a third world country in some areas. I can not grasp why they are not condemned or demolished. These houses are so dilapidated that I can’t understand how the city does not fine them. Naturally if the house looks bad so does the yard. The best part about these shacks, there’s always a brand new car or truck in the driveway. I can’t understand how you wouldn’t take care of your home, but that’s Texas for you.                                                                                                                   delapitated house
  4. The Guns, look I’m not anti-gun by any stretch of the imagination. I’m speaking of the ease of purchase. In Illinois you apply for a foid card (they do a detailed background check) it takes sometimes months. You purchase a gun and there is a three day hold on a background check. In Texas I can walk into a barber shop, you read that right a fucking barber shop and buy a gun. I just need a Texas identification, fill out a form, the clerk makes a 5 minute phone call, bam here’s your gun!                                                                                                                   gun
  5. The Bugs, you know you’ve entered hell when you have seen a giant flying cockroach in your back yard. I screamed like a 5 year old girl. There are giant beetles, roaches (flying and what they call “water bugs”, no that’s just a huge fucking roach), black widows, brown recluses, the list goes on fucking miserable.Roach
  6. Snakes, Scorpians, and Lizards, obviously a rattle snakes those are atrocious think about walking through some brush and then whack a damn snake takes a venomous bite out of you, you’re pretty much fucked unless you seek immediate emergency care. The scorpions can sting you but it’s more of an irritation. Lizards aren’t entirely bad they just scare the shit out of you pretty frequently. I was picking up kids toys one day and out of nowhere a lizard the size of my pinky ran behind the couch. Almost gave me a heart attack.rattler
  7. The Garbage, what the hell is wrong with people? Throw your trash away! Literally everywhere you look in this whole damn town plastic bags, used stripes (gas station) cups, McDonalds bags, just trash everywhere. I mean I grew up in the Chicago area, the worst neighborhoods in Chicago are cleaner than this. I guarantee it. It makes me sick looking around living in filth.
    Midland, TX
    Midland, TX
  8. Conservatives, these horrid creatures live in every state, but here they run rampant spewing their obscene agenda. If you’re one of these beasts, I feel sorry for you. Not learning from the past is what caused this. If they keep changing history books this will only get worse. See, I don’t even agree with democrats on every issue, but the all the way right conservatives are a scary breed. They push their beliefs on you whether it be religious, guns, anti welfare, anti abortion, anti gay, that tells me that you’re just a miserable fuck. The list goes on and I’m not the majority here anymore so I guess I have to bend over and take it. The economy always does better with democrats in office, just saying there is proof.Texas-Republicans-killing-Texans
  9. The Food, yuck doesn’t even describe some of the atrocities I have consumed. I thought the Mexican food would be good here, since lets face it there are a lot of Mexicans. No, I was wrong it is the worst Mexican food I have ever had. It makes me mad because I love it! Luckily I can cook so I make my own, but it’s disappointing. The pizza, forget about it, I have to settle for Little Caesars or Pizza Hut believe it or not they’re way better than any other pizza place in this hell hole.           food
  10.  Education, in Texas is pitiful it is by far one of the worst states to get an education. Funny how my kids all seem to be geniuses as soon as they start school here. I have three girls and only one of them was considered gifted in Illinois. In Texas all three are gifted, I was a little shocked by that. My girls went to Chicago Public Schools and they received an excellent education there. Luckily you feel smart talking to any locals, so that’s nice.dumb texas

I could go on but I think you get my point. There are some pretty good things about Texas, the weather (rarely snow and cold) , southern hospitality, and the money of course. Without money I wouldn’t be here. That being said the rent around this area is outrageous. Mind you this is oil country, so the jobs pay a little more than normal, this does not make up for the rent. It would cost around $2,100 per month for a 2 bedroom. We got lucky knowing someone who owns property, but everyone else is paying WAY too much.

20 thoughts on “10 Reason Texas Sucks!

  1. Only 10? I can definitely think of more: Most recently, the 10-year-old boy driving a pickup truck during rus hour who got off the INTERSTATE before me going about 20mph and then kept weaving from lane to lane to keep me from passing him. No, he wasn’t out of control. It was pretty clear he’d not only driven before, but had driven on the INTERSTATE before, so his parents probably knew he was out on the road. I was going to call the cops, but then I realized that if he was such an experienced driver, the cops probably knew, too. So I guess that for me, #11 would be that Texas will never, ever be civilized, so there’s no point it trying to make it better. Texans don’t want anything to be better. In fact, I think they’re actively trying to take themselves back to the Stone Age.


  2. Lol, you’re definitely a retard from Illinois. The trash everywhere is from your beloved Mexicans that you want to give all our tax dollars to. You don’t like the Mexican good because it’s not whitewashed, you ignorant sap. Your kids are “gifted” because, again, Mexicans. There’s more but I need to get back to work. Get real, Yankee. You’re the scum of America.


    1. Thank you for stopping by Texan. The south lost, so call me a “yankee” all you want. I appreciate your input, thank you for proving my racist point. Have an exellent day!


  3. Here’s why I hate TX… because my MA liberal husband who claims to hate all things TX (except I guess TX pussy) had an affair with a Dallas Ditz by the initials AP. So besides being a cheating whore (yes, she is married or separated – big deal not legally divorced) and knew our family had young adult child w/cancer and another a/austism. Did that stop her – hell no. Then I found out she’s TX public school teacher who used a current married name (marriage #1)… and the schools didn’t do enough research (hello, CORI check) to find out she had arrests and convictions under a previous married name. So she’s teaching w/convictions and admitted adulterer who is “morally” guiding the students of her distict??? WTF. That would NEVER fly in MA – teachers across USA sign a morality clause in their contracts promising to behave to highest community standards. I guess she forgot about being a cheat and liar as those kind of proper standards. Texans love to toot their own horns about how upright and fly straight they are but it seems a state of redneck, Trump voting, murdering and hateful humans. The garbage of USA.And Miss Dallas Ditz takes the cake.


  4. Texas sucks ass. I fucking hate this place. If it’s so great why are all the natives angry and confrontational? They should be constantly whistling out of their assholes from joy for being here.


  5. Their highways are among the durtiest I seen even other parts of the world. I live near San Antonio and have to that arrogance knows no limits either.


  6. As a native Texan I can say that you’re so right about this state I Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone are rolling over in their graves remember the Alamo my ass


  7. Don’t forget loud talkers. I am not from Texas but, you know when you meet them. The women speak louder than the men. No inside voice. All hat no cattle. Yeah I am out of here in a few years. Don’t forget the wedding photo of her in a white dress and…..you guessed it cowboy boots. Just classy.


  8. If that’s what you got, move away. I’m not a Texan, but I am a conservative and I am sure Texas doesn’t need another libtard. I was in Texas 5 times. Most of the state was boring, but I did enjoy west Texas.


  9. Oh, you forgot how it’s a police state with cops everywhere pulling you over for no reason, hassling you for no reason, hurting you for no reason. And the backwards politics and processes (hello we are in the 21st century). Ugly people, ugly land, ugly state.


  10. My wife s Sucks. I have been in the Houston area for about 6 months. It Sucks. Texans are not polite and they are generally dumber than bricks.
    I have read as much Texas History as my stomach can take and the history of Texas’s involvenment in the Civil war is very telling.–Insane and thoughtless.

    You are right, Texas Sucks!


  11. Yes!!! Thank you!!! I may have been born and raised here for the majority of my life but this state SUCKS ASS! Fucking red state, conservative, fundamentalist christian bullshit. Not only does Texas suck majorly NOW it has sucked for a very long time. What a lot of Texans DO NOT learn in school is this, Texas kept slavery going for almost 2 years AFTER the slaves were freed. 2 YEARS!!! They had all sorts of excuses, from “they didn’t know” or “they wanted to finish out the season and following harvest” and all other sorts of bullshit. The stupid ass trucks that are so fucking high that you need a ladder to climb in them AND you need ear protection just being in or around them. People actually think that shit is cool. This state is still so ass-backwards in so many fucking areas. Then, people say, “if you don’t like it then leave”, well, I fucking would if I had the ability.


  12. I’m a native Texan who’s lived in a few different states.

    1. Midland blows unless your from there and still. This would be like visiting Redding ca and basing your experience there as an indicator for the rest of California’s geography.

    2. I know that southern Illinois is a far cry from the rest of the state.

    3. The wind blows in West Texas ALL THE TIME, which is why it looks that way.

    4. Go to Central Texas before you leave the state.

    Am I right?


  13. Guns are a right, they should not be hard to get. Every state does a background check, including Texas. That barber shop is also a federally licensed firearm dealership, they have to check with the AFT just like all legal gun shops. You could always simply stay out of Texas, problem solved.


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