Can Donald Trump Be The Antichrist?

Donald Satan

Donald Trump keeps winning!! What in the fuck is happening in this country? I know the American people are pissed off, but you don’t want Trump! This man will not make a good President. Why the hell people really want Donald Trump to be President? He is a horrible human being, he is a miserable speaker that yells at everyone. It makes absolutely no sense. I’m literally shocked there are this many twits in the world.


If I were thinking like the good Catholic I was raised to be, Trump would be the Anti-Christ. I’m not very religious at all, yet I believe this to be possible, and this is me being rational after seeing the evidence. While doing some research, I found a pretty good article that made some damn good points, regarding Trump being the Anti-Christ. This is the religious bible point of view.  Is Donald Trump The Antichrist of the Christian Bible


Nostradamus predicted the antichrist and this depicts Donald Trump fairly well. I’ll let you be the judge. He predicted the antichrist will rise to power around this time. If you’re curious about Nostradamus’s work I highly recommend it. His writing is scarily accurate and interesting.

Donald Trump wants to take control over the oil fields and the country of Iraq. Saying in an interview on Meet the Press that they should be paying us. Donald Trump the Middle East

The prophecy from the beginning is pretty on point. Donald wants to ban Muslims from entering the country, Nostradamus says, the antichrist will begin to distort the Islam beliefs. Muslim Ban- Trump


The Antichrist will corrupt the religion of Christianity with the intent of destroying it, but he also will distort the beliefs of Islam. He will disguise his agenda of conquest as a way of life and a replacement for religion.

He will study and emulate Hitler and his techniques avidly to try to surpass him and avoid his mistakes. He will have access to books and material not available or known to the general public. It will be possible for him to obtain secret Nazi documents on Hitler, and he will study them very carefully.

This man will be doomed from the start of his campaign, because he is against central spiritual forces that make up the fabric of the universe. For people who choose this path, “It’s just a matter of how far they go before they fail and what effects they have on the lives around them.” Like the ultimate downfall of many tyrants, his empire and power will be inherently unstable. His own subcommanders will be power hungry in his image, and his authority will fragment around him. The political map of the world, the boundaries of countries, will change but the continents of the world will still be shaped the same.

-The Prophecies of Nostradamus


There has been  controversy with the Pope and Trump. The Pope had suggested that Donald Trump was not a Christian. Trump slammed back and said it wasn’t right for a religious leader to say things like that, and for once he may be right, but this also proves part of the prophecy. The Popes Comment     Trumps Rebuttal

The second-to-last pope will have a short reign. Due to political blunders and mistakes, he will pave the way for the final pope to be a tool of the Antichrist. His reign will be an omen of the final downfall of the church.

Before the Antichrist comes to full power, it will appear that other leaders are above him and in control of the power structure. In reality the Antichrist will be using them as stepping stones in his quest for world power. During this period, he will have a traitorous cardinal working for him, spying on the second-to-last Pope. One of the cardinals will steal information from him and alter the Pope’s personal correspondence, so that it has different connotations. It will make the situation appear inordinately worse than it is in reality, causing the Pope to react inappropriately. This way, the populace will be more likely to see him as incompetent and his authority will be destablized, possibly by being assassinated. The cardinal will be troubled by his betrayal because of the obvious dissension it causes the Church; but being allied with the Antichrist, he will rationalize away his backstabbing.

=The Prophecies of Nostradamus

There is more to this prophecy, this is just the beginning of Nostradamus’s end of the world prophecy where the antichrist (Possibly Donald Trump) plays a great role.

Tonight Donald Trump won the Nevada primary election. This is just the beginning if this prophecy is accurate and true. Vladimir Putin, who is the antichrist according to some. While researching the antichrist you’ll find many believe it may be Putin. If Trump is not the antichrist, he  will help Putin. Depending on how you interpret Nostrodamus’s readings he is very vague but fairly accurate at times. So many signs point to this being true, it’s very hard to deny it. Depending on how you interpret his writings he predicted 9/11, Hitler, Atomic Bomb, Kennedy Assassination, Napoleon, and many others. It’s hard to deny facts, but some are still skeptics. I hope he’s wrong because the end of the world, doesn’t sound pretty.

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump is flanked by his sons Donald Jr. and Eric as he addresses supporters after being declared by the television networks as the winner in the Nevada Repulican caucuses at

All I know is when I watched Donald and his sons standing on that stage they looked evil as hell. Eric looked like a vampire, pale with red eyes. Someone should look into that.

Donny the Devil



11 thoughts on “Can Donald Trump Be The Antichrist?

  1. I wrote the following back in September of last year: “So somebody else has noticed this too……. …..and isn’t it funny how no matter HOW offensive Trump gets, his popularity continues to rise. ……..His comments about Megyn Kelly would have put anyone else’s numbers in the toilet, but not the Donald…He no regard for women or for the dignity of womanhood itself (he says that breastfeeding “disgusts” him, too)…. …He doesn’t give a hoot about religion…..he doesn’t even respect our POWs – “they got caught”: Trump values winners and winning, because his only “god” is power/force, and, of course, himself….. …but, hey, at least he’s NAMED well! Donald sees himself as a “trump card”, and he trump-ets that “fact” all day long to anyone who will listen, and brags and blows and puffs himself up, but no matter how great he grows, he’s just a little tin-Horn: Dan 8:9¶And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, ….. Dan 8:10 And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.

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  2. Trump is what happens when mentally unstable men or women have too much power and money. I wish someone would just tell him to shut the hell up and go back to his own little kingdom. He is a devider and encourages hate. He appeals to angry mostly white males who blame all their troubles on the government rather than look inward and solve their own issues in a mature way. The women that are followers mostly in my opinion are lead by their men. America has got to get over their addiction to so called reality TV. And for all we know he could be using hypnotics and other ways to keep winning. I have no trust and that is absolutely NO trust is this person who calls himself Trump. He would be our worse nightmare as a president and I pretty much believe with him in office we would see worse than 9-11. I hope he never gets elected and slinks away in defeat. He is a scary man with too much power. He has ruined what was left of the Republican party. I can only hope the Democrats can win this one since clearly there is no left in the Republican party that has a chance to win. Those that dropped out and now endorsing him are total sleaze bags.


  3. This page details a large number of 666 connections to Donald Trump and his family, some of them quite startling …

    For instance, the Trump family owns the single most expensive building ever sold in the US, at 666 Fifth Avenue, a street symbolic of money (Mammon). As reported by The New York Times, the Trump family paid $1.8 billion for the most expensive American building (18 = 3*6 = 666), which is owned through Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. This is confirmed by the Kushner Companies website, on the 666 Fifth Avenue link.

    Also, Trump was born on a rare blood moon. The Bible says the moon will turn to blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord. The original Trump company was founded by Trump’s grandmother. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Christ. She died on 6-6-6, with Donald Trump inheriting the Trump company. Elizabeth means “oath” so the name Elizabeth Christ Trump may be interpreted as “oath for Christ to be trumped (outranked, upstaged through trickery). The page above lists many other 666 connections.


  4. You said “I hope he’s wrong because the end of the world, doesn’t sound pretty.”

    Maybe not, but what follows does sound pretty AND it’s not the end of the world, its the end of an age. I for one would like to see this age end so that we may move on into the next age. I know he is the anti-christ, but I will vote for him for the simple fact that it will be the AC that is used to turn God’s people back to Him.


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  6. Those who have an ear must hear: “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.” The signs, in stealth for these many centuries, are in reveal and that which we know follows unhindered. It was calling to you daily, in your ear and before your eyes, and you did not notice. You believed its message, the slow and steady repetition. You are its incongruity. With the ballot you succumbed, confusing its message with safety, the sirens of familiar and pleasant voices, and you failed to live and work the message of forgiveness and good will. Falling prey to fear, divisiveness, and rage was to relinquish your soul to it. You believed, despite what you knew to be true. The betrayal is self-inflicted. And now you stand upon the sand of the sea, as blasphemy rises up out of the sea to defeat righteousness. Miracles many may witness, but few will understand. The great book you read falls at your side, torn asunder, shedding tears. You lifted yourself above others, and your self-righteousness portends your disaster. Your fear has hastened, indeed birthed, the revelation, and now it has begun. Frozen in terror, you remain unconvinced that your destiny remains in your hands.


  7. I dont trust Ivanka either she is very deceptive to. I also heard shes a trany and is fooling everyone something very evil also about her just looking at her eyes. She wants to be president to. God help us! “Perception is more important than reality. If someone perceives something to be true, it is more important than if it is in fact true. This doesn’t mean you should be duplicitous or deceitful, but don’t go out of your way to correct a false assumption if it plays to your advantage.” – Ivanka Trump (pure evil)
    A prophet once said “And look and I saw a female whom was the first to be ruler of a great nation, shortly after her rise to power then look and see a great war across the sea against a Asian nation will be the death of all of thee”


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