Voting in Chicago


For years, it has been a simple procedure to register to vote. I have been a registered voter since I was 18 years old. I’m pretty old so about half of my life we will say. In mid-July I moved from a rural area in Illinois to the city of Chicago. About a month after I went on the Chicago Board of Election website and printed out a change of address form and mailed it in. I am a busy person with three active children so it slipped my mind to check on it. When a member of my household received their voters registration card, I decided to look into it. When I looked myself up I was still voting in my old district this is a bad thing, yes the Presidential election it may not matter, but it will matter when it comes to where I live and the things that go on in my neighborhood. Frankly when I did vote in the small town you were lucky to find a democratic candidate on the ballot at all.  I called the board of election to find out what was going on, a woman let me know that I was able to go to my local park district and vote.

Three days ago that is exactly what I did, I waited in a long line to get to the front, a lady even had me fill out my signature card saying what I was giving her was fine. When I get to the counter the ill-tempered woman tells me she does not know what the hell is going on and sends me to a supervisor who makes a phone call and proceeds tells me to go to the downtown location to vote. I’m a woman so I’m pretty pissed off at this point. Seriously, I live here see look at the mail look at my ID. NO! HAHA you can’t vote here go downtown! This is a hassle, but in my opinion worth it, I cannot complain if I do not vote and I sure do love to complain.


About three days later I was dropped off at the elevated train, went to Washington/Wells stop walked about a quarter mile to the Chicago Board of Election on the 6th floor. I waited in a pretty long line, I would say at least 50 ahead of me and I was there fairly early in the morning. Some lady took my information and sent me to a separate line. I waited in that line around ten minutes or so and was finally able to vote I voted for Obama/Biden of course. There were many other things on the ballot that I felt strongly about as well. City workers pensions, they would like to lower them and it would affect family so that I voted against.  I found something on the ballot I had no idea was on there as well and I was intensely excited about, regarding federally regulating spending on elections. It would bring back the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling which was atrocious! Putting a cap on election spending would turn our country toward a better place to be. That should be everyone’s goal to get back on top in every aspect of your life including your country. So voting was finished I took the train back home and all was well.
Some people getting on an el train


One line I stood in…
That is not my hand


El train on the way home

In other news, I had a political costume for Halloween that I wanted to share. Her name is Mrs. Sarah Palin and she was shot by my buddy Dick Cheney…who is backing President Obama, spooky…..


Sarah Palin shot in the head by Dick Cheney…notice the rebel flag…

2012 Presidential Election. Poor Republicans…

The 2012 Presidential Election has been a nightmare to Republicans all over the country. The current leader in the poll is Mitt Romney. Honestly out of the bunch of derelicts they have running he is the only candidate that looks like a President of the United States should.

You have Newt, he sort of looks like the Pillsbury dough boy or if you think about it in personality he is a snake. He worked for both President Bush’s there is no more to say I can go on for days about this bastard, but it’s pointless he can not win the primary anyway.

Rick Santurm dropped out of the Presidential race, but looks like a douche bag, sorry to be blunt but he does. He is also the most tight ass republican that was in the race. Against abortion 100% and just an all around jackass to be frank. Why in the world would you tell people you were molested during your presidential race. Pure and utter stupidity.

Results for U.S. Republican Presidential Primaries

State Gingrich Paul Romney Santorum reporting
04/03 DC 10.7% 12.0% 70.2% 100%
04/03 MD 10.9% 9.5% 49.2% 28.9% 100%
04/03 WI 5.9% 11.2% 44.1% 36.9% 100%
03/24 LA 15.9% 6.1% 26.7% 49.0% 100%
03/20 IL 8.0% 9.3% 46.7% 35.0% >99%
Source: AP

Ron Paul, looks like a the grand wizard of the KKK in the picture above. He is another Texan and that is not appealing at all. Out of all the candidates this is the one who is most liberal, yet he is lacking mental stability. The fact that he is racist is a major problem, yet he wants to legalize marijuana, allow the morning after pill, and generally seems to want to help the American people, the real people and not the VIP’s so to say. Problem is the man is unstable and completely racist also he is very against abortion.

Current Grand Wizard of the KKK
Ron Paul


Previous Grand Wizard of the KKK


There’s Romney, He looks like what a President is supposed to, he really does yet he is the least qualified and worst choice. He’s a rich kid that had a Daddy to buy him into congress. The man does not know what a hard days work is. He can not relate to the American people. He flip flops what he stands for. He is a politician they all lie, but he has been caught in several. No one changes their mind on the abortion debate you either are for or against it. Mitt Romney apparently had an eye opening experience and has changed from pro-choice to pro-life.

Abortion during the debate. Ron Paul has been very much against it for years until this election where he recognizes the morning after pill.  I am proud to be pro-choice. In saying that I do not agree with women being promiscuous and having an abortion as a form of birth control (something a teacher had said and I believe is true). A statement that Paul had made that shows his lack of budging on the subject “I am strongly pro-life. I think one of the most disastrous rulings of this century was Roe versus Wade. I do believe in the slippery slope theory. I believe that if people are careless and casual about life at the beginning of life, we will be careless and casual about life at the end. Abortion leads to euthanasia. I believe that.” Euthanasia is something good to end suffering of life, basically putting a sick dog down. I think it to be rather humane and it is appalling to think you can put a dog down if they are in pain, but humans have to suffer. Like I said the man is out of his mind. Not sure he knew the definition of the word he had used.

Free trade is just another way of saying making corporations more money. You know when foreign markets send something to this country they are not taxed by our government, yet when you buy the goods it is (sales tax). If a company an American owned wanted to send something over seas for a profit they would be taxed. How is this free trade? first of all we are taxing our people not the foreign people. It should be taxed both ways or free for all. Double standards is what our country is needing to shed. All of the candidates want this mainly because they are backed by billion dollar corporations.

The whole scene is sad. The choices are grim for the poor Republican party. There has been several statements against Mitt Romney saying that he is not my first choice, but he is who I am voting for because he is Republican is what they all keep saying. This is a pretty decent video that shows what kind of man Romney really is. So much for the poor Tea Party, I knew the people would not let you ruin two elections. Either way this guy is a bad one.

So ha ha Republicans you will lose, Obama needs a little help standing up to those mean Republicans and I lose respect for him every time he caves to the House on matters that he and the rest of the normal people feel strongly about. Give and take and he gives more than he takes. Work on that Mr. President and people will freely vote for you without regret.