Texas Has An Abortion Clinic In It! (God Have Mercy On Our Souls)

Suddenly all over Texas,  po-dunk towns are making sanctuary cities for unborn fetuses. Satire you say? Nope unfortunately this is actually happening.

The whole thing is rather childish, these bumpkin towns don’t even have abortion clinics. So why are they doing something like this? They think doing this will in turn outlaw abortion and they’re right it is a possibility. What they’re doing is unconstitutional. They are saying they will protect a fetus from conception to birth so they are not persecuted by people who want them to have abortions. This whole ideology is completely ridiculous.

Walk for Life

Ten Texas cities have effectively banned abortion and declared themselves sanctuary cities for the fetuses. Most of these towns have less than 6k people while Big Spring, Texas which the city council had voted for this atrocity has around 28k people.

Signs in Tyler, Texas

There was a protest in Big Spring against this, that did not seem to matter the city council voted to indeed ban abortion within city limits. There are not abortion clinics within 200 miles of Big Spring, Texas. Now here is the problem that will arise from this. This will end up going to court, I have no doubt. These are infringements on Constitutional rights and if this goes all the way to the Supreme Court, Roe Vs. Wade could possibly be re-open. Big Spring has many women and men that would like to come forward and speak but unfortunately I know all too well living in West Texas if you go against these people you will more than likely lose your job too. You think that is against rights but our Governor made it OK for businesses to discriminate due to religious preferences.

U.S. Supreme Court

The main issue I for-see if the Supreme Court gets a hold of this, is the judges themselves. We have a majority of Republicans and while that typically wouldn’t be bad. This time the President has them in his pocket. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the main one Trump has in his pocket, he owes him one. Brett has also been pretty blunt on his feelings toward abortion and said he would vote against it while he was on the Supreme Court. Even though Trump has openly admitted to paying for abortions he claims to be against them now. He needs that evangelical vote, that is literally the only reason I can see any evangelical voting for Donnie.

Mark Lee Dickson, Local Texas douche that thinks he owns our uterus

There is a boner named Mark Dickson who started this whole thing. He is from East Texas, never married, no kids but want’s to impose his moral beliefs on women. He’s a snake salesman and needs to stay out of something that has nothing to do with him.

Protestors in Big Spring, Texas in Late January, 2020

If anyone in Texas feels strongly on this issue and may be able to travel please show up at these town meetings. You could make the difference and keep our body as women free from this nonsense. You know it’s funny, Republicans claim to be for smaller government only when it applies to their needs. They clearly have no problem sticking their nose up my vagina and into my uterus.

Asshole of the day is Rush Limbaugh, who the fuck thought it was a great idea to give him the Medal of Freedom?

Rush Limbaugh, Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Terrible Conservative Radio Host


Texas 60 Year War on Women.


There is currently a court case that began in Texas resulting from former Governor Rick Perry signing the  House Bill 2 (HB2) in 2013. The HB2 bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, requires abortion clinics to meet the same standards as hospital-style surgical centers and mandates that a doctor has admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the facility where he or she performs abortions. As well as many other restrictions. The State Representative Jason Isaac co-signed this bill and ran unopposed in the 2016 primary election. Yipee!

Pro-choice campaigners Grayson and Tina Currin funny counter-protests against anti-abortion demonstrations

The entire state of Texas has 10 abortion clinics, prior to the good Governors bill Texas had 40 clinics. For reference purposes, California has 522 clinics that perform abortions. California is the most populated state in the US followed by Texas. The current laws in place make it almost impossible for a woman to get an abortion without waiting weeks if not months for an appointment. By the time they are able to get to an appointment they may be passed the 20-week mark. This is breaking a Constitutional right. The doctors have admitted there is no way they will be able to provide abortions to as many women that seek them.

Since the law was enacted there has been a significant decrease in medical abortions (taking a pill). Many women prefer this to avoid a surgical procedure. Unfortunately, with the new Texas law, you need to take each pill in front of a doctor. That is 4 office visits when there are only 10 locations in the entire state. Some women are more than 300 miles away from the nearest clinic, many women who seek abortion do not have the means to travel. This is why many have abortions because they are unable to financially provide. A study is currently being conducted to get numbers on how many at home abortions are happening in Texas, it can and will happen again.

Medical abortions have dropped 70% which is a huge number. A significant increase in second-trimester abortions have been reported, since the new law was enacted. The lack of access to abortions and longer wait times are to blame for this increase. Complications can occur during an abortion as with any medical procedure or medication. There is a higher risk of complications the longer you wait to have the procedure done. The purpose the Republicans claimed they enacted these laws was to make sure abortions were done safely. Waiting to have a simple procedure done that could be done in a few minutes is not helping anyone. In fact, this bill is more costly for the woman and the providers. It makes it very inconvenient for all involved which seems to be the lawmakers agenda.

In 1973 Roe Vs. Wade made it to the Supreme Court. Roe, a single pregnant woman in Texas wanted an abortion. Wade, the Dallas County District Attorney. Roe could not afford to travel to a different state to have an abortion performed safely. The laws in Texas made it impossible for a woman to have a safe, clinical abortion with a licensed physician. Roe claimed Texas statutes were unconstitutional and she was protected by the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendment. She appealed decisions of the district court on behalf of herself and all women in the same predicament. A doctor and a couple came forward in the claim stating similar issues. The doctor had court cases pending for performing abortions in Texas.

Justice Blackmun

Texas urges that, apart from the Fourteenth Amendment, life begins at conception and is present throughout pregnancy, and that, therefore, the State has a compelling interest in protecting that life from and after conception. We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins. When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man’s knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer. [p160]- Justice Blackmun (delevering the opinion of the court) Roe Vs. Wade

A district court ruled that the Texas statute was indeed unconstitutional and a violation of the 9th amendment. The problem was it did nothing for abortions. It was basically a slap in the face and the reason why it was appealed to the Supreme Court. The same issues that were happening in the 1970s are again happening in the Supreme Court today, and again it is the state of Texas.

The principal thrust of appellant’s attack on the Texas statutes is that they improperly invade a right, said to be possessed by the pregnant woman, to choose to terminate her pregnancy. Appellant would discover this right in the concept of personal “liberty” embodied in the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause; or in personal, marital, familial, and sexual privacy said to be protected by the Bill of Rights or its penumbras, see Griswold v. Connecticut,381 U.S. 479 (1965); Eisenstadt v. Baird,405 U.S. 438 (1972); id. at 460 (WHITE, J., concurring in result); or among those rights reserved to the people by the Ninth Amendment, Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. at 486 (Goldberg, J., concurring).-Justice Blackmun (delevering the opinion of the court)Roe Vs. Wade

This decision changed history for millions of women. Prior to this court case in many places in the US women were having unsafe home abortions. The court decision on Roe Vs. Wade is a long but a very interesting read. It goes into the history of abortion and shows that it has been around and available prior to Geek and Roman times. The Justice was very clear from the beginning, this case is not about feelings it is about the Constitution and the question asking are Texas laws preventing American Citizens from their right.

All this, together with our observation, supra, that, throughout the major portion of the 19th century, prevailing legal abortion practices were far freer than they are today, persuades us that the word “person,” as used in the Fourteenth Amendment, does not include the unborn…..

It should be sufficient to note briefly the wide divergence of thinking on this most sensitive and difficult question. There has always been strong support for the view that life does not begin until live’ birth. This was the belief of the Stoics. [n56] It appears to be the predominant, though not the unanimous, attitude of the Jewish faith. [n57] It may be taken to represent also the position of a large segment of the Protestant community, insofar as that can be ascertained; organized groups that have taken a formal position on the abortion issue have generally regarded abortion as a matter for the conscience of the individual and her family. [n58] As we have noted, the common law found greater significance in quickening. Physician and their scientific colleagues have regarded that event with less interest and have tended to focus either upon conception, upon live birth, or upon the interim point at which the fetus becomes “viable,” that is, potentially able to live outside the mother’s womb, albeit with artificial aid. [n59] Viability is usually placed at about seven months (28 weeks) but may occur earlier, even at 24 weeks. [n60] The Aristotelian theory of “mediate animation,” that held sway throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe, continued to be official Roman Catholic dogma until the 19th century, despite opposition to this “ensoulment” theory from those in the Church who would recognize the existence of life from [p161] the moment of conception. [n61] The latter is now, of course, the official belief of the Catholic Church.-Justice Blackburn (reciting the decision of the court) Roe Vs. Wade


It was decided. The Court ruled 7–2 that a right to privacy under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman’s decision to have an abortion, but that this right must be balanced against the state’s two legitimate interests in regulating abortions: protecting women’s health and protecting the potentiality of human life.

When Roe Vs Wade hit the Supreme Court abortion was already legal in 18 states. The affirmation of the Supreme Court made it legal in all states. In the 1970s, the minorities suffered the most. Abortion may have been legal in many of these states, but not everyone had a way to get to places where it was legal. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that in 1972 alone, 130,000 women obtained illegal or self-induced procedures, 39 of whom died. Furthermore, from 1972 to 1974, the mortality rate due to illegal abortion for nonwhite women was 12 times that for white women.

In 1992, a similar case was seen in the Supreme Court regarding a women’s constitutional right to abortion, Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

The Casey decision said states may not place undue burdens on the constitutional right to abortion before fetal viability. Undue burdens, it said, included “unnecessary health regulations that have the purpose or effect of pres

1975 Finns Photo Pro-life Picket 75KB

Prior to the 19th-century, abortion was not considered a crime. The people nor the Catholic Church regarded or acknowledged life prior to birth. Today this is a huge issue, yet for thousands of years, it was never a problem. When Abortion Was A Crime

Today we are fighting this ridiculous claim again. Roe Vs. Wade disallowed many states and federal restrictions with its ruling any changes to that can be permanent trouble for women in the United States. It was fought in 1992, seems every 20 years or so someone decides women shouldn’t have free will.

This law is being fought in front of the Supreme Court yet again, Texas is the state that constantly seems to be fighting the Constitution. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of these abortion restrictions this will not only affect Texas but 11 other states that have also adopted these harsh laws and restrictions.

According to the Supreme Court ruling in 1973, every woman has the right to a safe and legal abortion. Our lawmakers have different ideas. There are only 8 Justices currently sitting on the Supreme Court. 4 of the Justices are Republicans and 4 of the Justices are Democrats. Unless they allow President Obama to appoint a Justice and a vote it may be a dead end. Justice Kennedy who is likely to be the deciding vote is trying to delay the vote as he is asking the Texas courts to do more fact finding.

The Republicans have said they won’t even consider voting or having a hearing  on any nominee that President Obama chooses. Republicans are trying to change the Constitution yet again.


When someone asks me to describe a Republican politician I say “Watch a dog chase their tail in a circle” that’s what they do chase their tails going in circles until something breaks. They focus on a few insane components of legislation anything that makes life hard on your average person and they dig deep and rub it in. To add salt to the wound most of the last 97 bills that passed the house were regarding blocking other bills, war, energy companies, and homeland security.

Texas has been infringing women’s Constitutional rights for 60 years actually a lot longer, this has been going on prior to Supreme Court cases. It’s time to fight back in a bigger way. Abortion is a right of every American woman. Any laws that block an Americans rights should not be tolerated. Women need to stand up for themselves yet again. It’s like the civil rights movement never happened. Our future generations deserve to have a choice and their Constitutional rights protected. As an American, we should all do what we can. If someone was fighting for more gun control in the Supreme Court, Texas lawmakers would be quoting the Constitution. They only read part of the Constitution, it seems it was too much to read and they stopped at the Second Amendment.


If you would like to help in supporting Pro-Choice please go to the NARAL website, it is a great site you can take action by signing petitions or sign up to volunteer. It has a lot of information on the site, and it explains what being pro-choice is all about.

Pro-Choice America-Take Action


Holy FUCKING Politics!


Everyone has their own opinion and preference on which political party they follow. Politics and religion are the two worst topics to discuss with people. If you disagree with a point of view it becomes a heated debate. In some cases, people take actions to a whole different level and instead of debate, they go into action. Personally, I vote more liberal than anything but am more of a libertarian. Both sides are extreme in their beliefs. There is no candidate out there right now that has a happy medium. People are screaming for change but all the candidates say the same things that were said in the last elections. Nothing changes it keeps getting worse. Arguing politics with someone opposed with your religious beliefs goes nowhere, neither side budges.

The First Amendment to our Constitution states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


What Republicans want and what Democrats what are best explained like this.democrat-republican-party

Give more of the money you earn to the government so they can help people.
The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness starts when you are born.
Stricter gun laws.
Government should help with healthcare.

Keep more of the money you earn and invest it.
The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness starts when you’re a fetus.
Guns for all.
They want Government smaller.

American politics concept illustration of a donkey and elephant facing off. Symbols of Democrat and Republican two US parties. Could be for presidential debate, partisan politics, or just an election.

It’s not so cut and dry as that in recent times, but that’s the idea of their common beliefs. There are far right who want church and state together, follow the bible and constitution both. The left want church and state separate, they govern on the Constitution not by the bible. Not every American is a Christian so the rights idea is not Constitutional.

Similar to this topic the right disagrees with gay marriage and abortion, unfortunately for them, the Constitution and laws of our land have nothing to do with the bible. Religion and politics don’t mix you have your beliefs and your neighbor has different beliefs. There is nothing wrong with that, you should not hate someone who feels different. Every religion has their extremists, but more and more you see them come out in recent times. Terrorists walk among us, they are not limited to other countries as some people may think. If you burn down a planned parenthood because you feel abortion is wrong, you are not only a hypocritical person you are also a terrorist. If you burn down a Muslim church because you are a Christian, you are also a terrorist. This has no place in politics keep your religion out of your conversation because no one wants to hear it.


The hate in this country needs to stop if Betty wants to marry Sally let them, why do you care? If they want to be married and miserable, who are you to say they can’t? The argument of ruining the sanctity of marriage is laughable when divorce is as high as it is. I have yet to hear of a good argument on why marriage can not be for everyone. Guess what homophobes, they won!


If a woman is pregnant and decides she does not want to have the baby, that is her choice. There should be no debate over someone else’s body. People don’t go into the bar and take the dicks out of your mouth so you don’t need to judge others. The doctors are the real losers here. They are trying to provide a service so these women don’t resort to using metal hangers again. These lunatics threaten and harass these men and women. This has been ruled on by the supreme court, but yet it is still argued to this day Here is a link below on the fact check from the planned parenthood controversial videos. Fact Check Planned Parenthood Video

I don’t care what religion you are, keep it out of your political discussion because they shouldn’t mix.


Asshole of the day is on this very topic. This man Joe seems to think that Planned Parenthood was based on racism. It’s not the case I proved him wrong and BAM he shut up, but his comments were ridiculous which makes him asshole of the day!



2015-09-05 16.31.55

My marriage and my abortion is none of your business!

Marriage is defined as the mutual relation of married persons or the institution whereby individuals are joined in a marriage. Not in either definition does it say a man and woman. By every definition marriage is when two people get together before their family and friends and have a ceremony and party to express their love. This is the way it has always been, well now same sex partners want to be married. As a married person I do not see this as a threat or a sin. If two people love each other and want to be married who am I to stop them? Who is anyone to stop them? 

Could it be Satan?



The politicians should have no say in this, our country was based on freedom and if they do not allow two people who love each other to be married, then how can you continue to say we are free? The Catholic Church really has no say either. The hate spout out by most religions on this matter is really quite astounding. The way they speak against things leads me to believe they do not practice their own faith. Love thy neighbor is apparently out the window. Catholic priests argue that they will be no longer able to teach marriage in their institutions for the simple fact that the government will uphold what they believe is false. I disagree, being a Catholic myself this makes me absolutely sick. Let me clarify this I am Catholic, but I am not a practicing Catholic any longer. What is happening now may even help me denounce my Catholic faith. If you have read any of my previous blogs there are many things I do disagree with when it comes to the Catholic religion. I am pro-choice, I believe in birth control, and I believe marriage by definition is two people in love joining unions. It doesn’t matter if say a white woman and a black man marry does it? I would almost guarantee that the Republican Party and the Catholic Church would have fought against that as well if they had any grounds.  

Prisoners can get married, just remember that!

Apparently the Government and the Catholic Church do not believe that history can repeat itself. Every war the United States has been in has always had something to do with religion. This topic may not start a war, but can easily cause riots and chaos across the country. It is sad to think that two people that are in love and may or may not even have a child can not get married if they choose to. This is not the country I thought it was. 

Real cut and dry!

I feel I must add pro choice in this as well, so this is what they are saying. Lets say I’m 13 and pregnant and decide abortion is the best choice. If this is outlawed then say I decide on giving the baby up for adoption. So that is done the 13 year old goes through 9 months of pregnancy and gives the baby up. Well she did not have a “buyer” for the baby (as weird as that sounds). The baby goes to a foster home. A gay couple walks in and decides this is the perfect baby for me. Well this gay couple is not married but one is a lawyer and the other a doctor either way the adoption agency would feel more comfortable giving this child to a married couple. Poor kid could have had a great life with a doctor and lawyer I’m guessing. So a heterosexual couple walks in and wants this same baby, they are married. The mom stays at home and smokes crack all day (she didn’t put that on her application, she writes “stay and home mom”). The dad is a drug dealing pimp that has a bar as a front. This is the couple the adoption company has chosen! So tell me again that this is justice? The mother then claims welfare for her adopted baby. With this life style history is bound to repeat itself. The poor adopted soul will not have a chance. So tell me is it better to have an abortion or give a baby up for adoption? These are statistics based on SOS Children Villages…
 Worldwide Orphan Statistics

Oz wouldn’t we all love to live in that dream world!


Foster Care in the United States

Approximately 25,000 children age out of the foster care system every year at age 18.

  • 25% of these foster children will become homeless
  • 56% of these emancipated foster care children enter the unemployment ranks
  • 27% of the emancipated male children in foster care end up in jail
  • 30% of the emancipated females in foster care experience early parenthood

That will add to the deficit I would definitely alert the GOP this may interest them.

Bottom line, worry about yourself. Stop caring so much about what other people do! If two people want to get married let them! If there is an unwanted child growing in a woman’s body, it has NOTHING to do with you! I am sick of old conservative men telling other people what to do because they have made some GREAT choices in their lives. I am quite sure everyone, and I do mean everyone on capital hill has sinned far greater than any gay man or woman! I will bet the same goes for the woman having unprotected sex or the ones getting raped.
As for the Catholic Church…get in this century with your beliefs or you will lose many Catholics.

This church will one day be empty if things keep going the way they are.

Mitt should abort Beck

I wonder if Mr. Willard Mitt Romney has been spanked by the Mormon Church. This campaign sure is making up for him being such a piss poor Mormon. It is a part of the reason Mitt is still loaded; even if it is against his own values and morals he will do it for money. Fortunately, there are people out there with a soul; I think there may be anyway.

Mitt may be able to make a fortune for the US, no matter what it takes, that is the terrifying part. One key thing to remember when voting is that Mitt is from money, generations of his family as well as his wives family. They are loaded and when I say that I mean over 150 million easily. He graduated from Harvard, so did his father. He has never had to worry about money ever, enough said.

Apparently Mitt Romney has profited from the disposal of fetuses when he invested in Stericycle a company that in fact disposes of fetuses. This company has been a target of many pro-life crazies with the signs, and the yelling, and even killing in some cases.  In 2006 Mitt Romney funded abortion for the people in his State of Massachusetts. “…”RomneyCare” goes beyond being merely “pro-choice” and is radically pro-abortion by overtly paying abortionists to perform any and all types of abortions with tax dollars…” (http://prolifeprofiles.com/mitt-romney-abortion) That beautiful quote is right out of a pro-life website, so if you have any questions contact those lunatics yourself please.
The official statement from the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) regarding abortion is as follows:

“In today’s society, abortion has become a common practice, defended by deceptive arguments. Latter-day prophets have denounced abortion, referring to the Lord’s declaration, “Thou shalt not . . . kill, nor do anything like unto it” (D&C 59:6). Their counsel on the matter is clear: Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must not submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for an abortion. Church members who encourage an abortion in any way may be subject to Church discipline…..”
—See True to the Faith (2004), 4

Now I really do not care if you are pro-life or pro-choice, the issue here is a whopper of a lie. So liar, liar pants on fire Mr. Romney!
In other news….Glenn Beck gets demented again; he’s SO my favorite Republican direct quote from Becks Friday web show…
“I don’t understand it! That’s not America, that’s not who we are. My God, what have we turned into? If we don’t turn this corner, America, we will become a global terrifying force for evil. I’ve never seen anything like it. Today, officially, is the day that I no longer recognize my country!
It is nothing new that Beck is a horrific lunatic, but for him to act like that on a web show is freaking ridiculous. During the radio show, Glenn publically mourns the loss of a US Ambassador he did not even know. I do have a soul, I think it is terrible and send thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of the people who passed, but to publically morn them is a little odd. It is obvious that Glenn Beck must seem out of the loop, after leaving Fox News, but to do this for publicity is just too much. Glenn Beck you still are an asshole.