Sweet Home Chicago Stops A Trump Rally!

I grew up in a suburb about 10 minutes from Chicago called River Grove. I lived in the city of Chicago as an adult for a short time with my family. I have never been prouder of my city after watching the protestors stop a Trump rally, pretty impressive Chicago. The only problem was the violence, that is completely uncalled for. Hate makes people pretty heated and crazy. I can’t believe what’s happening. If you’re going to protest something you can’t be violent, no matter what the opposition says.

I have seen some insane comments from family, friends, and strangers. The majority of my family and friends are in Chicago or the vicinity. Some of my family and friends were praising the protestors, happy to stop the hate the Trump rallies bring. Most not condoning the violence, but happy no one was seriously injured and Trump was stopped. We do live in a free country and Donald Trump should be allowed to speak, even if a large majority of it is hate. We have that right to say what we want, that is why I’m allowed to write this today.


more hate
Comments from an NBC news post.                                      NBC News Who Does Wall Street Wants To Be President


Trump was able to go on stage he chose not to. “I spoke with law enforcement and made [the call to cancel] in conjunction with law enforcement, and I think we made a wise decision,” Trump said in a phone interview on MSNBC. He was afraid for his safety it had nothing to do with the Chicago police department in a statement Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Associated Press that the department did not recommend Trump call off the event and said they had sufficient manpower to cover the rally. Guglielmi said that the decision to shut down the event was made “independently” by the Trump campaign.

Some of my family and a few friends support Donald Trump. The reason I’ve been given by some for supporting this insane billionaire is “he speaks the truth”. They love the fact that he is uncandid and says what he feels and what he wants. Anyone who supports Donald Trump hates President Obama. Many have said “He’s not a pussy like Obama” or “No one will fuck with us if he’s our President.” for why they support this barbarian. Some supporters are angry with the Republican Party. They look at this as a slap in the GOP’s face.

I decided to take it to social media. I contacted a Trump supporter and a Democrat to look at the differences. I asked the same basic questions. Here are the answers I received. I decided to leave both parties anonymous even though they both agreed to be public. I do not know either of these people personally.

Who will or who did you vote for in the primary election?



Trump Supporter: “Michigan already had its primary and I voted for Donald Trump.”



Democrat: “I am ………, retired professor, and I plan to vote in the Pennsylvania primary as a Democrat. I support both Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton. Our primary is not an early one, and so I have not yet made a final ballot box choice.”

What makes your chosen candidate/party the choice for you?GettyImages-501134410-trump-supporter-640x480

Trump Supporter:

“I have several reasons I will list them out. 1. I believe that there isn’t any other candidate that understands the global economy like he does. The others have ideas on it but ZERO experience in it.

2. Trump is right our current trade deals are all in favor of other countries and have created jobs in other countries and not in the US.
3. Trumps business tax plan is enticing for businesses to start investing in America again and not other countries
4. I like the fact to go along with his lower business tax plan he will also imply tariffs on good brought into this country in order to force fair and equal trade. I have been to other countries and finding something there that is American made is damn near impossible.
5. Trump is right about other countries making their currency fluctuate which causes US jobs to be outsourced to other countries. Let me give you a perfect example of this. 4 years ago a friend of mine was hired into an Automotive OEM and his job was to localize sourcing parts to be made here in the US to build the vehicles (if you check 4 years ago the currency of the other countries was more on par with the US dollar). Now he is tasked with outsourcing the parts to be made in other countries because the cost is cheaper.
6. Trump is also right about the illegals flooding our country. The illegals cost this country billions per year in services intended for American citizens. Also since they work for cheaper labor it suppresses wages from going up.”
Democrat: “I believe that only the two Democratic candidates have the moral and intellectual seriousness and good will to serve. The Republican candidates seem to me unqualified — and worse.”
Do you normally vote, and if so what party do you normally lean toward when voting?GettyImages-501134410-trump-supporter-640x480
Trump Supporter:

“Yes I normally vote in elections because I want our country to be great and it can only do that if the right leadership is in place. As for which party I normally vote republican or libertarian.

I believe in holding our elected officials accountable
After all they work for us. However it seems today that both the democrats and republicans seem to treat us like we work for them”
Do you always vote for the Democratic Party?
Democrat: “Yes, starting with John F. Kennedy in 1960.”
I asked both people what they thought of the other parties “extreme” candidate.
What do you think of Bernie Sanders?

Trump Supporter: 

“I have a lot to post on this so I will do it in pieces. I don’t think very highly of Bernie Sanders. I think Sanders if gathering supporters by promising “free stuff” (college, healthcare, etc..). Sanders tax plan is extremely punitive in nature as the more successful you are the more his plan punishes you with higher taxes. We currently have a system like that in place now but Sanders plan is much worse and as somebody in the top tax bracket under Sanders plan I would pay another $17k a year in taxes.
Sanders is a socialist and socialism has failed in all other countries. Socialism creates a culture of laziness.
Sanders proposed business tax plan would drive even more businesses out of this country. I read his plan and then I have read some reviews on it and several analyst have said his plan would cause a -9.5% GDP. For those who though 2008 economy was bad that is nothing compared to -9.5% GDP.
Also I heard and read Sanders comments about the violence in Chicago yesterday that shut down a Trump rally. Trump isn’t to blame for that as his supporters weren’t the ones being violent until they were attacked….. That comment pushing people to continue to do the same thing at other Trump rallies made me lose all respect for Bernie.”
What do you think of Donald Trump?
Democrat: “Donald Trump, who seems to me a clever narcissist and a con man, has called up some of the worst forces in America — bigotry, hatred, violence, xenophobia, racism, homophobia. His supporters are at least as scary as he is.”
Just because I can I will disprove all of the Trump Supporters claims….
1. & 2. Trump trades with countries we shouldn’t be trading with such as China and Mexico. He has his products made by slave labor. He is not making his own products in the US why would we trust him with everything.
3. & 4.  reasons why he supported Trump was the tax plan and money issue. Unfortunetly for him they’re all bad ideas according to anylasts and fact check.
5. This is the same as the other two reasons really. I think what our young supporter is talking about is the North American Free Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is what Bernie Sanders is trying to get rid of as well, but he’s called a communist for wanting to do the same thing.


You can decide for yourself who you are voting for, but spreading fear and hatred in either party is not the answer. The protests are great if they’re not violent. There has been violence at many political rallies recently and that’s just sad. If people can not discuss politics without beating the shit out of each other we’re no better than Taiwan.

How The Union Failed Me.


I’ve been Pro Union my entire life, my dad, grandfather, great grandfather were all Teamsters. For many years, I have heard “Union is the way to go” or “Unions are for the working people” this is not quite as true as it used to be. When Unions began they were great collective bargaining, safety, and fairness for all workers. Today it is as corrupt as our Government. The Union leaders all have their hands out but when it comes to the workers they don’t seem to care. The Mafia did a better job at running the Unions, they actually gave a shit about the working people. These “suit” fucks give a shit about their pay, bottom line. Police and firemen, some with their wives and children, assemble on Philadelphia’s Rayburn Plaza, Nov. 13, 1956 to carry their wages and hours demand to City Council. The police and firemen are demanding an increase of $1,000 a year and a 40-hour week. (AP Photo/Sam Myers)

I won’t deny The Union has done great things for this country, but I see all come to an end for the most part. Not only are most states getting rid of Unions, many people are fed up.  Below is a list of great things the Union has done. I know it can go back to being just as great as it once was.

  1. Weekends without work

  2. All breaks at work, including your lunch breaks

  3. Paid vacation

  4. Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  5. Sick leave

  6. Social Security

  7. Minimum wage

  8. Civil Rights Act/Title VII – prohibits employer discrimination

  9. 8-hour work day

  10. Overtime pay

  11. Child labor laws

  12. Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA)

  13. 40-hour work week

  14. Workers’ compensation (workers’ comp)

  15. Unemployment insurance

  16. Pensions

  17. Workplace safety standards and regulations

  18. Employer health care insurance

  19. Collective bargaining rights for employees

  20. Wrongful termination laws

  21. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA)

  22. Whistleblower protection laws

  23. Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) – prohibits employers from using a lie detector test on an employee

  24. Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS)

  25. Compensation increases and evaluations (i.e. raises)

  26. Sexual harassment laws

  27. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

  28. Holiday pay

  29. Employer dental, life, and vision insurance

  30. Privacy rights

  31. Pregnancy and parental leave

  32. Military leave

  33. The right to strike

  34. Public education for children

  35. Equal Pay Acts of 1963 & 2011 – requires employers pay men and women equally for the same amount of work

  36. Laws ending sweatshops in the United States

    Union Website

Like I said, the Unions can be awesome and great at times. The corruption is what killed the Unions for me, if it weren’t for corruption everything would be perfect. Seeing as how everything is not this is what we get.

construction roofer

My husband joined the Union right out of High School, he was a Carpenter in Chicago. He went to the Chicago District Council of Carpenters school and was eventually vested in the Union. The only good thing about the Carpenters Union was the pay. His hourly pay was great! The benefits were laughable, no sick time, no vacation pay or time, health insurance sucked (as I will explain), dental & vision minimal.


The insurance was absolutely terrible, the plan covered $300.00 per person per year. I had two of my three children when my husband was in the Union. They literally covered nothing, everything was out of pocket because of this terrible coverage. When my daughters were infants and needed immunization or a well-check, I paid out of pocket, oh I’m sorry the Union paid $300.00. The joke here is the union dues cost more per year than we were getting for our health care. That’s not really a joke, it was disgusting.  In 2007, my husband was laid off after 7 years with the same company. Although he was one of the last employees laid off by this particular company, it  hurt. We became a statistic during the financial crisis in 2007-2008.


The Carpenters Union in Chicago is a joke! After 9 years of service they have done nothing at all to help my family. Getting a Union carpenter job is not like getting any other job. You can’t submit your resume, you have to do leg work and lots of it. They told my husband when you’re looking for a job to sit at your local office and see if any jobs come along. When you go to the Union office and tell them you’re looking for work, they not only tell you there is no work but give you an attitude. To get a job in the industry you need to go to multiple job sites, beg for work, and hope some poor asshole called in sick so you can take his job.


The Union was quick to collect our dues, but not so quick to help you in any real way. The employees that work at the local office looks at the members as a pain in the ass. They’ll do anything they can to get you out of there quickly, being pleasant is not usually a part of it. So now he’s laid off The Union isn’t helping in fact, they still want money to do absolutely nothing. My husband did what any normal person would do,  did sidework (carpentry) and got a job in a completely different industry. Sure, he had no benefits but it worked and was something to pay the bills until the economy improved. Unfortunately, the economy did not improve enough to get him steady Union work. Which eventually brought my family to Texas many years later. We still have the pleasure of dealing with the Union after all these years.

Periodically we will get mail from the Union, it never seems to be good news.  Every few years we receive a letter from The Union saying how much the pension fund decreased and how much less of a pension he will get. Basically they “lost” our money and fuck you for caring. We are taking a trip back home sometime to move the pension into our 401k. Either way, it’s ridiculousand has me losing faith in everything. CorruptionNew2-275mgg0

Anything that is good and helps the people seems to become corrupt. If they want Unions to work they need to get rid of some of the excess and cut or eliminate these salaries all together. They may need a few people full time and a handful of people part-time. Their salaries are way too high for what they’re doing. Seems the worker is getting screwed and the asshole behind the desk is making all the money.  You can see for yourself, this link will show you all salaries from top to bottom of the Chicago Carpenters Union. Employee Salary Union

As much as I believe in a workers union I can not get behind the corruption it represents. I have seen it with my own eyes. I will back Union workers. I will not back the Union “executives” and anyone just in it for the money and power. That is what it has become, we need to get rid of those in power and get back to what a Union is supposed to be.


I do want to point out that we do no belong to a Union any longer. We are in Texas, it’s a right to work state. Our income is signifigantly higher, paid time off, paid sick time, insurance is 100% covered and paid by employer, full dental and vision, we have stocks, and a 401k.  It just goes to show what corruption will do to anything.


10 Reason Texas Sucks!

crowded airplaneDallas Crowded

Boarding the crowded plane from Chicago was uncomfortable enough with three children under 9. Departing the plane in Dallas was like strolling into hell. The heat and humidity takes your breath away. The airport itself was nothing short of a cluster fuck. Dallas airport was crowded, unimpressive, and I’m pretty sure the air conditioner was off. Then waiting to board yet another plane to arrive at what will be my new home. I’ll have to admit the plane into Midland wasn’t so bad, the plane itself was not crowded at all and quite roomy. In the air the farmland looked like alien landing zones. Midland airport was brand new and deserted, I guess that makes sense for an airport in the desert. The weather was extremely hot, the humidity was gone which only made it a smidge better to deal with. Leaving the airport there was a dusty wind along with ridiculous heat. I was sure this state was hell on earth.








When I found out we were moving to Texas, I was not so happy. Having never been to Texas, but knowing everything I did about the state did not help at all. It didn’t matter my family was moving here and so was I. It is extremely difficult leaving everything you know and your entire family behind. Luckily I have my husband and kids we stick by each others side and it helps. Enough about me though this is about how Texas sucks, but for all you Texas lovers I’ll add some things that don’t suck so much.

haha texas

  1. The Cowboys, no I don’t mean the hot ones on horses either. I’m talking about the football team. Seeing that silver and blue star everywhere make me want to vomit. Jerry Jones (the owner of the Cowboys) is a greedy son-of-a-bitch, technically he should be the asshole in this post, but not today. The team itself is over rated, of course being from Chicago I go with the Bears. Any team that is not the Cowboys is fine in my book.                                                                                                                               cowboys suck
  2. The Drivers, are the worst I have ever come across, and I’ve been to Florida. I’ve never seen anything like it. No one uses turn signals, and I’ve never seen anyone get pulled over for it. Texans don’t stop at that line at a stop sign instead they stop in the middle of the road past the stop sign. Texting and driving is legal so everyone seems to be doing it. A lady once while texting stopped at a stop sign did not even look up and kept going. I was there first, but luckily I was paying attention to her.                                                                Bad-Driver
  3. The Shack Houses, It literally looks like a third world country in some areas. I can not grasp why they are not condemned or demolished. These houses are so dilapidated that I can’t understand how the city does not fine them. Naturally if the house looks bad so does the yard. The best part about these shacks, there’s always a brand new car or truck in the driveway. I can’t understand how you wouldn’t take care of your home, but that’s Texas for you.                                                                                                                   delapitated house
  4. The Guns, look I’m not anti-gun by any stretch of the imagination. I’m speaking of the ease of purchase. In Illinois you apply for a foid card (they do a detailed background check) it takes sometimes months. You purchase a gun and there is a three day hold on a background check. In Texas I can walk into a barber shop, you read that right a fucking barber shop and buy a gun. I just need a Texas identification, fill out a form, the clerk makes a 5 minute phone call, bam here’s your gun!                                                                                                                   gun
  5. The Bugs, you know you’ve entered hell when you have seen a giant flying cockroach in your back yard. I screamed like a 5 year old girl. There are giant beetles, roaches (flying and what they call “water bugs”, no that’s just a huge fucking roach), black widows, brown recluses, the list goes on fucking miserable.Roach
  6. Snakes, Scorpians, and Lizards, obviously a rattle snakes those are atrocious think about walking through some brush and then whack a damn snake takes a venomous bite out of you, you’re pretty much fucked unless you seek immediate emergency care. The scorpions can sting you but it’s more of an irritation. Lizards aren’t entirely bad they just scare the shit out of you pretty frequently. I was picking up kids toys one day and out of nowhere a lizard the size of my pinky ran behind the couch. Almost gave me a heart attack.rattler
  7. The Garbage, what the hell is wrong with people? Throw your trash away! Literally everywhere you look in this whole damn town plastic bags, used stripes (gas station) cups, McDonalds bags, just trash everywhere. I mean I grew up in the Chicago area, the worst neighborhoods in Chicago are cleaner than this. I guarantee it. It makes me sick looking around living in filth.
    Midland, TX
    Midland, TX
  8. Conservatives, these horrid creatures live in every state, but here they run rampant spewing their obscene agenda. If you’re one of these beasts, I feel sorry for you. Not learning from the past is what caused this. If they keep changing history books this will only get worse. See, I don’t even agree with democrats on every issue, but the all the way right conservatives are a scary breed. They push their beliefs on you whether it be religious, guns, anti welfare, anti abortion, anti gay, that tells me that you’re just a miserable fuck. The list goes on and I’m not the majority here anymore so I guess I have to bend over and take it. The economy always does better with democrats in office, just saying there is proof.Texas-Republicans-killing-Texans
  9. The Food, yuck doesn’t even describe some of the atrocities I have consumed. I thought the Mexican food would be good here, since lets face it there are a lot of Mexicans. No, I was wrong it is the worst Mexican food I have ever had. It makes me mad because I love it! Luckily I can cook so I make my own, but it’s disappointing. The pizza, forget about it, I have to settle for Little Caesars or Pizza Hut believe it or not they’re way better than any other pizza place in this hell hole.           food
  10.  Education, in Texas is pitiful it is by far one of the worst states to get an education. Funny how my kids all seem to be geniuses as soon as they start school here. I have three girls and only one of them was considered gifted in Illinois. In Texas all three are gifted, I was a little shocked by that. My girls went to Chicago Public Schools and they received an excellent education there. Luckily you feel smart talking to any locals, so that’s nice.dumb texas

I could go on but I think you get my point. There are some pretty good things about Texas, the weather (rarely snow and cold) , southern hospitality, and the money of course. Without money I wouldn’t be here. That being said the rent around this area is outrageous. Mind you this is oil country, so the jobs pay a little more than normal, this does not make up for the rent. It would cost around $2,100 per month for a 2 bedroom. We got lucky knowing someone who owns property, but everyone else is paying WAY too much.

Voting in Chicago


For years, it has been a simple procedure to register to vote. I have been a registered voter since I was 18 years old. I’m pretty old so about half of my life we will say. In mid-July I moved from a rural area in Illinois to the city of Chicago. About a month after I went on the Chicago Board of Election website and printed out a change of address form and mailed it in. I am a busy person with three active children so it slipped my mind to check on it. When a member of my household received their voters registration card, I decided to look into it. When I looked myself up I was still voting in my old district this is a bad thing, yes the Presidential election it may not matter, but it will matter when it comes to where I live and the things that go on in my neighborhood. Frankly when I did vote in the small town you were lucky to find a democratic candidate on the ballot at all.  I called the board of election to find out what was going on, a woman let me know that I was able to go to my local park district and vote.

Three days ago that is exactly what I did, I waited in a long line to get to the front, a lady even had me fill out my signature card saying what I was giving her was fine. When I get to the counter the ill-tempered woman tells me she does not know what the hell is going on and sends me to a supervisor who makes a phone call and proceeds tells me to go to the downtown location to vote. I’m a woman so I’m pretty pissed off at this point. Seriously, I live here see look at the mail look at my ID. NO! HAHA you can’t vote here go downtown! This is a hassle, but in my opinion worth it, I cannot complain if I do not vote and I sure do love to complain.


About three days later I was dropped off at the elevated train, went to Washington/Wells stop walked about a quarter mile to the Chicago Board of Election on the 6th floor. I waited in a pretty long line, I would say at least 50 ahead of me and I was there fairly early in the morning. Some lady took my information and sent me to a separate line. I waited in that line around ten minutes or so and was finally able to vote I voted for Obama/Biden of course. There were many other things on the ballot that I felt strongly about as well. City workers pensions, they would like to lower them and it would affect family so that I voted against.  I found something on the ballot I had no idea was on there as well and I was intensely excited about, regarding federally regulating spending on elections. It would bring back the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling which was atrocious! Putting a cap on election spending would turn our country toward a better place to be. That should be everyone’s goal to get back on top in every aspect of your life including your country. So voting was finished I took the train back home and all was well.
Some people getting on an el train


One line I stood in…
That is not my hand


El train on the way home

In other news, I had a political costume for Halloween that I wanted to share. Her name is Mrs. Sarah Palin and she was shot by my buddy Dick Cheney…who is backing President Obama, spooky…..


Sarah Palin shot in the head by Dick Cheney…notice the rebel flag…