Legal Bribery in Washington.

There is a history of campaign reform however, it has yet to be enough.


This effort to bring about more comprehensive campaign finance reform began in 1907 when Congress passed the Tillman Act, which prohibited corporations and national banks from contributing money to Federal campaigns. The first Federal campaign disclosure legislation was a 1910 law affecting House elections only.

The Act of Congress was amended in 1974 to place legal limits on the campaign contributions. The amendment also created the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

In 2002, The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act was fought for by Sen. John McCain and Sen. Russ Feingold. This act prohibited large contributions by wealthy individuals and corporations to national party committees, all of whose receipts were publicly disclosed. But, perversely, the ban on “soft money” left individual and corporate donors free to direct their funds to outside groups, where donations are concealed from public scrutiny.


Enthusiasts of McCain-Feingold said the law would restore trust in the political system. Some suggested the parties would “thrive” because they would be forced to rely on small donors. Critics, however, predicted it would precipitate a tectonic shift of political power away from the parties and toward outside groups, which were likely to be far more extreme and far less accountable. These critics were absolutely correct. Interests groups like the NRA and anti-abortion extremists can legally hide the amounts of money given to politicians.

Legal bribery is happening right out in the open in Washington. Political action committees and lobbying is legally bribing politicians.

Lobbyist vs_ Voter[2]

PAC’s have been around since the 1940s. Lobbying began in 1830 but was not what it is today. People would stand around and wait to get a word with a politician. Occasionally they would bribe them. In the 1970s is when lobbying became what it is today.

In 2015 3.2 billion dollars was spent on lobbying politicians. The last election in 2014 1.7 billion was spent on PACs. How anyone can think this money is because the banks, corporations, drug companies, and Unions actually like this politician. Anyone could be running, they want a politician that will do what they want. These groups want certain things for their investment. These are the top companies in the country. They have business sense, they are not going to waste money. More often than not the companies will get what they desire.


The top line is special interest and individual corporate donors. The bottom number is individual donations. 2016 Election Primary spending.


Some will argue that it’s not bribery because there is no guarantee what the politician is going to do you are giving all of this money to. That is partly true, but it’s still influence which is not done by the people. This is a corporate influence. Corporations have been running the country for an extremely long time.



American Crossroads a Conservative SuperPAC. This is not a Presidential election year. They spent almost 42 million on ads against Democrats only 5 million on the issues.           American Crossroads


This is not limited to the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton has a SuperPAC as well. When President Obama ran for re-election the amount of money spent was ridiculous.  With The Presidents at a whopping 964 million dollars between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama they spent a total of 2 billion dollars.

2012 election
2012 Presidental election spending. Blue, Barack Obama. Red, Mitt Romney.                         2012 Presidential Race.


Our political system is beyond repair while donor money is rampant. Why would anyone in Washington fight for this to stop? Power and greed, it’s clear politicians want the money and doing what these interest groups want will keep that money flowing. Have you noticed you never hear politicians mention lobbyists or PACs especially if they’re getting the bulk of the money?


The only Presidential candidate that even  has the plan to solve this is Bernie Sanders. I know he would like Citizens United overturned but that is not the only issue. I am hoping he goes one step further and stops any money  going into Washington. The people are the only ones that should have the politicians ear. CEOs, banks, hedge fund managers, the NRA, etc. should not.

Stoping bribery will be impossible, but finding bribery to be illegal would be a definite start.

How The Union Failed Me.


I’ve been Pro Union my entire life, my dad, grandfather, great grandfather were all Teamsters. For many years, I have heard “Union is the way to go” or “Unions are for the working people” this is not quite as true as it used to be. When Unions began they were great collective bargaining, safety, and fairness for all workers. Today it is as corrupt as our Government. The Union leaders all have their hands out but when it comes to the workers they don’t seem to care. The Mafia did a better job at running the Unions, they actually gave a shit about the working people. These “suit” fucks give a shit about their pay, bottom line. Police and firemen, some with their wives and children, assemble on Philadelphia’s Rayburn Plaza, Nov. 13, 1956 to carry their wages and hours demand to City Council. The police and firemen are demanding an increase of $1,000 a year and a 40-hour week. (AP Photo/Sam Myers)

I won’t deny The Union has done great things for this country, but I see all come to an end for the most part. Not only are most states getting rid of Unions, many people are fed up.  Below is a list of great things the Union has done. I know it can go back to being just as great as it once was.

  1. Weekends without work

  2. All breaks at work, including your lunch breaks

  3. Paid vacation

  4. Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  5. Sick leave

  6. Social Security

  7. Minimum wage

  8. Civil Rights Act/Title VII – prohibits employer discrimination

  9. 8-hour work day

  10. Overtime pay

  11. Child labor laws

  12. Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA)

  13. 40-hour work week

  14. Workers’ compensation (workers’ comp)

  15. Unemployment insurance

  16. Pensions

  17. Workplace safety standards and regulations

  18. Employer health care insurance

  19. Collective bargaining rights for employees

  20. Wrongful termination laws

  21. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA)

  22. Whistleblower protection laws

  23. Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) – prohibits employers from using a lie detector test on an employee

  24. Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS)

  25. Compensation increases and evaluations (i.e. raises)

  26. Sexual harassment laws

  27. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

  28. Holiday pay

  29. Employer dental, life, and vision insurance

  30. Privacy rights

  31. Pregnancy and parental leave

  32. Military leave

  33. The right to strike

  34. Public education for children

  35. Equal Pay Acts of 1963 & 2011 – requires employers pay men and women equally for the same amount of work

  36. Laws ending sweatshops in the United States

    Union Website

Like I said, the Unions can be awesome and great at times. The corruption is what killed the Unions for me, if it weren’t for corruption everything would be perfect. Seeing as how everything is not this is what we get.

construction roofer

My husband joined the Union right out of High School, he was a Carpenter in Chicago. He went to the Chicago District Council of Carpenters school and was eventually vested in the Union. The only good thing about the Carpenters Union was the pay. His hourly pay was great! The benefits were laughable, no sick time, no vacation pay or time, health insurance sucked (as I will explain), dental & vision minimal.


The insurance was absolutely terrible, the plan covered $300.00 per person per year. I had two of my three children when my husband was in the Union. They literally covered nothing, everything was out of pocket because of this terrible coverage. When my daughters were infants and needed immunization or a well-check, I paid out of pocket, oh I’m sorry the Union paid $300.00. The joke here is the union dues cost more per year than we were getting for our health care. That’s not really a joke, it was disgusting.  In 2007, my husband was laid off after 7 years with the same company. Although he was one of the last employees laid off by this particular company, it  hurt. We became a statistic during the financial crisis in 2007-2008.


The Carpenters Union in Chicago is a joke! After 9 years of service they have done nothing at all to help my family. Getting a Union carpenter job is not like getting any other job. You can’t submit your resume, you have to do leg work and lots of it. They told my husband when you’re looking for a job to sit at your local office and see if any jobs come along. When you go to the Union office and tell them you’re looking for work, they not only tell you there is no work but give you an attitude. To get a job in the industry you need to go to multiple job sites, beg for work, and hope some poor asshole called in sick so you can take his job.


The Union was quick to collect our dues, but not so quick to help you in any real way. The employees that work at the local office looks at the members as a pain in the ass. They’ll do anything they can to get you out of there quickly, being pleasant is not usually a part of it. So now he’s laid off The Union isn’t helping in fact, they still want money to do absolutely nothing. My husband did what any normal person would do,  did sidework (carpentry) and got a job in a completely different industry. Sure, he had no benefits but it worked and was something to pay the bills until the economy improved. Unfortunately, the economy did not improve enough to get him steady Union work. Which eventually brought my family to Texas many years later. We still have the pleasure of dealing with the Union after all these years.

Periodically we will get mail from the Union, it never seems to be good news.  Every few years we receive a letter from The Union saying how much the pension fund decreased and how much less of a pension he will get. Basically they “lost” our money and fuck you for caring. We are taking a trip back home sometime to move the pension into our 401k. Either way, it’s ridiculousand has me losing faith in everything. CorruptionNew2-275mgg0

Anything that is good and helps the people seems to become corrupt. If they want Unions to work they need to get rid of some of the excess and cut or eliminate these salaries all together. They may need a few people full time and a handful of people part-time. Their salaries are way too high for what they’re doing. Seems the worker is getting screwed and the asshole behind the desk is making all the money.  You can see for yourself, this link will show you all salaries from top to bottom of the Chicago Carpenters Union. Employee Salary Union

As much as I believe in a workers union I can not get behind the corruption it represents. I have seen it with my own eyes. I will back Union workers. I will not back the Union “executives” and anyone just in it for the money and power. That is what it has become, we need to get rid of those in power and get back to what a Union is supposed to be.


I do want to point out that we do no belong to a Union any longer. We are in Texas, it’s a right to work state. Our income is signifigantly higher, paid time off, paid sick time, insurance is 100% covered and paid by employer, full dental and vision, we have stocks, and a 401k.  It just goes to show what corruption will do to anything.


It’s All About The Money.


They say money makes the world go around and this is completely accurate. Money is the root of all evil. When you’re young you do not think that way. I guess that would depend on what kind of home you grew up in. Either way, you don’t have to worry about much when you’re a kid. As a child, your parents take care of things and you are oblivious to the problems they go through, for the most part.


The older you get the more your perspective on life can change. You begin to learn by trial and error just how important money really is. In Washington it means everything. The politicians have their hands out and the lobbyists are eager to get their ear.

Looking at the current Presidental election, it is clear who the big money players are. Everywhere you look you see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which media outlets are bought and paid for by campaign money.


If you look at history whoever puts the most money into their campaign is usually the winner. This is not always true although it is normal for top spenders to win. If this election is anything like the past Hillary is on top with Jeb Bush coming in close second. Top Campaign Spenders Open Secrets


Donald Trump is not even in the top three for campaign funds. That being said his mouth has helped him out tremendously. His money has helped as well if he was broke no one would listen to him. He reminds me of a drunken homeless person just saying whatever he can to get people to listen.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re telling us what we’re getting.” -Donald Trump

So Trump is assuming some immigrants are good people, let’s hope his wife can get her English down if he does become President. The fact that he seems dead set against immigration is pretty humorous since ever wife he’s ever had has not been an American Citizen.


In second place is Jeb Bush, this is not shocking at all. The Bush family will do whatever they can to keep the power they once had. Don’t get me wrong they are still an extremely powerful family dating all the way back to 1825 in the United States. The family was one of the first in the Railroad industry and Wall Street. The Bush family has stepped on anyone to get to where they are. They will stop at nothing to get Jeb into the primaries. All the money in the world can not fix what George W. Bush did to this country. I’m quite sure even the Republicans do not want another Bush in office. They do however make excellent puppets for the Republicans with half a brain.


Topping the money in the election is Hillary Clinton. Unlike the Bush family Bill and Hillary made their own money. Clinton has a strong backing from the Democratic National Committee. It is clear based on Television stations such as MSNBC that they clearly back her as well. It would be nice to see how much money the family has contributed to NBC. In several articles it states NBC and it’s affiliate’s fundraising for Hillary. That is all well and good. The problem is the money, just because she has money does not make her Presidential material. Money can buy many things hopefully it doesn’t buy her the primary.

Money buys anything in this country. If you kill someone, but have enough money you can walk. Does that sound like justice? Just recently a teenager decided to get drunk and get behind the wheel. He killed four people but did not serve jail time because he has “affluenza” a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation. This is the reason this teen got off free because the poor kid was too wealthy and didn’t know any better. What is this country coming to? This is not justice. What about the families of the 4 people he killed? Do they not count for anything? I would love to see how much money this teens Dad passed out to get him off almost free of any charges.

This is not the only recent instance look at Bruce Jenner, a former Olympic Gold medalist and current step-father and father of attention whore gypsies. Almost the same thing except it wasn’t called affluenza. Jenner got behind the wheel and killed a woman. The prosecutor had said at minimal Bruce would get manslaughter charges, yet no charges came what-so-ever. The family of the 65-year-old woman that was killed filed a lawsuit against Jenner, it was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Bruce was at fault for this accident, he crashed into the back of her car, yet he walks. This is just another case of money prevailing over justice.


Look at religion in the past and in recent times. I was raised Catholic, married in a Catholic Church, and my children have all been baptized Catholic. If you speak with a Preist and let him know you are planning to marry, this is the process you will go through. He will want to counsel you, taking a marriage class is mandatory (that normally has a cost), and he will  ask for a specific fee to marry you. OK so now you’re married you paid your fee, you go to church every Sunday and put money in the collection plate. You have a baby next. You go to the Preist and say that you would like to baptize your child. Again, the priest will ask for a specific amount of money to do this service. Let’s say your spouse dies. You go to church and tell the Preist you would like him to perform the service for your departed husband, again a specific fee will be involved. I find this absolutely repulsive, how a church can scam people like that is ridiculous. You do not need to pay money to get right with God or to pray. The Catholic church has 8 billion in assets, I’m quite sure they do not need more money.

Money can buy you everything in this country, it’s sad but true. No matter how wealthy you are, remember one thing you can not do is buy class. It’s far too apparent in recent times. One day I hope this changes if it does not you better make that money. Seems not having money in this country and making a slight mistake can land you in jail for a very long time. Maybe one day this will change. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this will happen in the near future.

Freedom in the US? Not even close!



I keep seeing freedom posts on Facebook and Twitter and I just keep thinking why on earth do people think we are free? It’s actually quite amusing. The only thing we are free of is the tax England put on us. We still pay taxes we are actually taxed more than once on most purchases, we vote but the results seem altered… at best, we have various stupid laws that take away much of our so-called freedom, and I can’t carry a gun in a major city (legally) exactly how is that free? We may have a few perks other countries do not have, but as far as I see it no freedom here. Freedom of speech is kind of a joke too, most people would sue you if you say the wrong thing. I still am able to blog, score one for the US, but I can still potentially get sued if I offend someone. I am not really afraid of being sued, so if that is your goal stand in line.
Proof inbreeding is real!


This guy is living the dream. Does this make you proud to be American?


No caption necessary


 The world seems to be going backwards instead of forwards. The News keeps scaring the hell out of everyone, first I see people are dying of bird flu, then I see North Korea is threatening to attack us. The news is run by the government, they have to get approval of what gets out to the public. The real news is hush hush, best thing to do is watch BBC News problem with that is I believe they are holding back information as well. When the news starts to scare you that means our government is pulling one over on everyone. I do not doubt that. The Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are mere puppets they will do anything for money and it is quite scary that the corporations are running these men and women. The problem is no one will stop them. The protests were really quite cute but did not do a damn thing. I am proud of the 99% for wasting their time, I’m just glad I did not jump on that bandwagon. Be individuals not sheep, try and thinking for yourselves for a change. The government fears this and this is what will save us. If the people do not do something and I mean pretty soon, we will all be screwed. Protesting in a line with signs is not working, I think that was proved. There are other ways, and I do not mean illegal things. The problem is we will not stand together. I will stand next to a Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Independent, whoever, we all have the same goal why don’t we work together. Our lovely government can not agree, but we can be the bigger people and let them know we are unhappy. I am not saying that to be against any party, it is all of them. They act like children! At the end of the week, they stomp their feet and say “I’m taking my ball and I’m going home”. That stuff really needs to stop!

Duck and Cover

ObamaCare is from 2010 GET OVER IT!

I am so incredibly happy that our Senators and US Representatives are deciding to try to balance the budget and  kill ObamaCare. North Korea is trying to nuke us, but you know what let’s worry about how ObamaCare will bring our country down. WAKE UP POLITICIANS! Deal with real issues ObamaCare has been done, instead of repealing it how about we figure out how it can help. Here is a better option let’s read the law since none of the Conservatives have bothered to “it’s too long.” Hmm, I thought it was your job to do that? Maybe that cuts into your 45 vacations a year, that lord knows you really need because your job is just so stressful. Try raising children and then tell me how stressful being a Senator or Representative is. Not to mention the fact that you can do one term and make your salary for the rest of your miserable life. I am certainly in the wrong field, should have went to law school. If only I did that I could be as lazy as everyone on Capital Hill. Just so everyone is clear, the Democrats are lazy as well. I do not discriminate when talking about how the law-makers (MOST) do not do a damn thing to help our country. The main concern on their plates are how much money do I get if I vote this way or that way. It really should make the people in the US sick. The funny thing is that most people aren’t even aware of how this all works. The average US citizen is blind to what our lovely government does. If you went through school, meaning K-12 then you have taken the Constitution test and should know how the government works. Unfortunately, most people have either chosen to forget or never really knew what the hell was going on in the first place.


North Korean Soldiers (scared yet)
This looks like Germany during WWII (it’s last month in Korea)

Back to North Korea, wow the new leader wants to eliminate its enemies. That would mean the US, they actually have put the video out of North Korean Soldiers shooting at targets that have pictures of US soldiers on them. Let us be concerned with ObamaCare because North Korea is just bluffing right? Let’s hope, but I am very doubtful they are extremely dangerous. The new leader is just as brutal as his father. If you ask me he is even more brutal, he is a new Hitler that is no joke he has already called martial law on his own people. Only time will tell what will happen, but for now duck and cover because our Government is not helping this situation. They are trying to work on defunding ObamaCare which was put into effect in 2010 that is three years they have been trying to do this and since it has yet to be done let’s move on to bigger and better things. I don’t know how about job creation? They could care less about that, it doesn’t affect them in any way shape or form and you want to know why? They are going to get the same salary they have now (for their whole lives) for doing absolutely nothing. They may have been elected but not a damn one of them do their job it makes me absolutely sick! Duck and Cover when you hear the sirens because North Korea is for real they mean business and you better hope our government gets off their ass and does something about this threat. Taunting them is probably not our best idea, but it is what we have come up with so far. One more thing, if I hear the song “Proud to be an American” one more time I am going to lose it. Have a lovely day Americans because with this threat it could be one of our last days.

Kim Jong-un (he is only 29 years old)

Speaker Boehner Shows Intelligent Side


The U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner has decided to listen to the Tea Party constituents once again. In a press conference this morning he decided he wanted to extend the Bush tax cuts until next year. For anyone who does not know what I am talking about this is basically giving everyone including the wealthy tax cuts for the next fiscal year. Incredible this man did not even listen to the public. Correct me if I am wrong but there was an election just days ago and Obama won. This should be a case open and shut as far as legislation is concerned. The American people obviously want what Obama promised and part of that promise was not to extend these tax cuts.

When President George W Bush proposed these tax cuts he was making an idiotic mistake that cost our country millions in tax revenue. Some may say that we deserve this tax break we need it in order to survive. This is pure baloney, we do not need more tax breaks we need a better economy. When our economy broke several years ago it was a domino effect all over the world. Asia is the only continent on our planet that is flourishing right now. Considering the United States is less than favorable in Asia this is not a good thing.

John Boehner is a Tea Party puppet, the Tea Party picks and chooses what they want based on their bank accounts and Boehner complies.  If it will put more money in their already full pockets they are all for it. This is why the Tea Party makes me thoroughly sick, they can care less about the middle class like they would want you to believe. This is all based on their actions, not their talk. The day following Obama’s tremendous win over Mitt Romney Mr. Speaker went on live television saying he would compromise. Today he has flip-flopped over to the other side. This is sounding like a Star Wars movie. He says that raising tax revenue with make job creation that much harder. This is all news to me and anyone else listening. President Obama would like tax rates as they were when President Bill Clinton was in office, at that time our country flourished as it should. So tell me Mr. Speaker why exactly will this lower job creation? Jobs were at the highest this country has seen in many years while President Clinton was in office. I would love to see their spreadsheets showing the bullshit that spews from their mouths.

Luckily there are far less Tea Party winners during this election. It looks as though some people woke up and realized they were being had by the very party they backed. The Tea Party is full of far-fetched promises and outright lies. It is as if you are believing Fox News they are pretty much one in the same. Fox News caters to the Tea Party since most of the members contribute far too much money to that ludicrous television station. The majority of people that I personally know are aware how full of crap Fox News is, but there are still a few people I know taken by the idiots they watch on there. Some of the women look a little like Stepford wives, I wouldn’t be surprised if those women on that newtwork were robots after hearing some of the obscure, moronic things coming out of their mouths. It could also be that they are brainwashed by that evil station.

I’m just going to call this one Foxy Bimbos

I am quite sure Michelle Bachmann was very perturbed by the result of the election. She is a smart one and below is a very good example of how less than intelligent this woman really is. There is obviously a problem with the state that elected her, I won’t say names…This is an old video but it is off of a CNN newscast.

Michelle Bachmann shows her intelligent side Bottom line is the Tea Party has so many very different outlooks on life it looks like they are completely mindless. The best part of this video is that she was the response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address via The Tea Party. Way to put up the smartest candidate! Someone really messed up there.

In other news….Gay Marriage and Marijuana won some states over this election period…not to the President…legalizing Marijuana would be in your best interest it would generate far more revenue than you can imagine. I am quite sure someone has showed you a graph of how much it could potentially generate.

Washington Corruption

If you watch television for any length of time you will see all kinds of garbage. If you watch any news programs for any length of time you will see what they want you to see. They conceal the truth and focus on stories that play with peoples emotions. Concealing the truth is what they have to do in order to stop a public uprising or riot. If the majority of the American people knew what was happening behind the scenes the riots would have began years ago.


Corruption in Washington is something most people are aware of. The level of corruption taking place in present day is a whole different ball game. They sure do hide it better then they used to. It seems everyone in Washington or that works for the federal government has their hands out. If a nuclear facility was dumping radioactive material in your drinking water do you think the EPA would not go for a bonus check in lieu of doing his or her job? If you believe they would report that company and not take the money you are really naive. This indeed has happened just recently in Vermont. You realize that this debt deal everyone is talking about is a diversion to get more money and for congress to steal their way to the top. These diversions are what makes this country keep moving. Think of the Casey Anthony trial, in 2008 out of 16 states 180 children were murdered by a parent. The focus on this trial was another diversion. Playing on peoples emotions is something I mentioned earlier, this is one example. People were furious with Casey Anthony, yet this happens more often then people think and it is not televised like this trial was.

Sure the economy is in shambles and since everyone in government has their hands out, it will never be saved. The only answer they have lets print some more money. It is just like a greedy child in a toy store. One toy just is not enough for these guys. Our money is worthless, good paying jobs are a thing of the past, people are going hungry, homeless, and losing families and for what? So those suits in Washington can work as little as possible and steal money. Let us not forget the fact that they get paid when they are out of office (for the rest of their lives).

The US government spent 33 billion dollars in 2007 on foreign aid. Yet 744,000 people were estimated to be homeless that very year. 1 billion of that foreign aid could have went to those 744,000 people to at least feed them and give them some form of shelter. What is this country coming to? People are homeless, hungry, and jobless but lets not help those people we may need Cairo’s resources tomorrow that billion should go to them. What is good for our people is good for our country. Of the countries we send money to not all are allies. We can easily get blown to bits by one of the countries we fund.

I have wrote about the government giving to corporations before, but now is not the time. Why on earth would the US government help fund major corporations that net billions themselves? I read the budget deal, it will change how anyone on social security lives in 2012. However, it did increase the pell grants for education which surprised me. Obama got something for himself. The whole thing is upsetting. People you need to pay attention to what is going on. The United States is trying to consume your mind by giving out false information and brainwashing you with gadgets from China.

Now is the time to do something, no one is going to hold your hand. Every American needs to stick together they are screwing everyone. Oh, except for the wealthy and foreign countries. If you want to be proud of your country no time like the present. Either do something or watch Americans get dumbed-down. That is what is happening.




The Tea Party Elections

Ever since Governor Scott Walker decided to take collective bargaining off the table in Wisconsin, there has been much talk about Unions funding elections. This is a true fact, private and public unions do in fact contribute to the Democratic Party. However, there has been little talk of who funds the Republican Party or the Tea Party. Much research has been done to give the actual facts.

The November 2010 election is what this is focused on. Just one election, this factual data will show that the Unions do partly fund the Democrats, also will show that the Corporations fund the Republicans and Tea Party. There has been things said to the extent of your tax money and union dues have been spend on the Democratic party. Remember what this is about, Government and who is the more dirty is not the question here. The majority of the United States Government is crooked, but the Republican Tea Party brings this to a whole new level. If tax payers fund the Democrats, lets be clear to say that tax payers are also funding the Republicans by way of the Corporations that own the United States currently.

Tea Party Senator        Campaign Funds         Top 5 Contributors
Kelly Ayotte , NH            $4,414,291            Elliot Management
Verizon Communications
FMR Corp
Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Daniel Coats, IN         $4,396,274            Blue Cross/Blue Shield
                                                                   Elliot Management
                                                                 Barnes & Thornburg
                                                                    Krieg Devault LLP
                                                                    King & Spalding
John Hoeven, ND        $3,801,481             Murray Energy
                  Hess Corp
            Berkshire Hathaway
                 Xcel Energy
Ron Johnson, WI        $15,235,898      Koch Industries
                                                       Northwestern Mutual
                                                        Continental Resources
                                                    Fiduciary Management Inc
                                              Founders Joint Candidate Cmte
Mike Lee, UT          $1,710,429             APX Alarm
        Sidley Austin LLP
              Tosh Inc
             Apex Alarm
      Sullivan & Cromwell
Paul Rand, KY       $7,809,324   Alliance Resource Partners
      Koch Industries
Mason Capital Management
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
 Corriente Advisors
Rob Portman, OH   $16,537,868    American Financial Group
Squire, Sanders & Dempsey
     Elliott Management
     JPMorgan Chase & Co
         General Electric
Marco Rubio, FL     $21,748,330     Club for Growth
      Elliott Management
Senate Conservatives Fund
        Flo-Sun Inc
     Koch Industries
Pat Toomey, PA             $17,045,467  Club for Growth
         Elliott Management

Senate Conservatives Fund

 SAC Capital Advisors
Federated Investors Inc

Research has shown that Blue Cross/Blue Shield is a major contributor to the Republican Party. They have funded the majority of Senators listed, although not all in the top five. It makes one wonder why an insurance company would invest in politics. Obama Care or the Patient Protection Affordable Health Care Act, seems to be the main reason. It makes more sense why the Te Party is fighting this so much. There have been numerous lies put out about the health care plan. In all actuality it is a good thing for the country. That will be discussed at a later date, for now this is all about election funding. Koch Industries is also one that funded most of these Republican Senators. There is a video campaign ad above from a Senator with one of the highest funds that were available to them.


Democrat Senator        Campaign Funds             Contributors
Richard Blumenthal, Ct   $8,733,486     ActBlue
          Yale University
       State of Connecticut
  Boies, Schiller & Flexner
   Cablevision Systems
Chris Coons, DE       $3,852,043        ActBlue
 Young, Conaway et al
  Skadden, Arps et al
     Comcast Corp
   Grant & Eisenhofer
Joe Manchin, WV    $4,395,107        ActBlue
         Mylan Inc
  FirstEnergy Corp
  Jackson Kelly Pllc

                                             American Electric Power

Unfortunately, there were no campaign adds for Richard Blumenthal on youtube, only his opponent, she tried very hard.
After doing the research a few questions arose. For example with the Democrats ActBlue, what exactly is ActBlue?
ActBlue is a democratic fundraiser, anyone is able to donate to this. It is not funded by the Unions, it is just a place to donate to the Democratic elections.

Next question who is Elliot Management? Elliot Management is a private investment partnership involved in a diversified trade program, sounds like wall street or a bank, you be the judge.

Everyone has heard of Koch Industries, but exactly what do they do, besides funding all the Republican Candidates?
This is right off the website, their mission statement, if that is what you want to call it is pretty long. Link at the bottom of the page. “We have long been committed to creating real, sustainable value for all of society. For decades, Koch companies and Koch foundations have supported education and social progress. These philanthropic efforts include support for educational institutions, foundations and programs that study and promote market-based solutions to societal challenges; protect, conserve and enhance natural resources; improve quality of life; and support human services and at-risk youth. “


 Quite a lot of money went into these individual Senators, this list is only the new candidates for the 2010 election. Millions are spent on elections every term. The smear campaigns this money was spent on is appalling, there are less voters when these smear campaigns come out. People figure that both parties are not good, or they are unable to make up their minds. Good old fashioned debating would make more sense. This way there would be no need for millions toward campaigns. Most Americans would rather hear what the candidate is planning on doing, instead of hearing why their opponent is a terrible person. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of unlimited spending toward a campaign. It was said that it would be against the first amendment to limit election funds. No one will argue that free speech is a powerful and great thing US citizens have. However, there are problems with it as well, using free speech and attaching it to money for a campaign seems Unconstitutional. If you feel the same way and think it is unconstitutional there is a link on the right side of this page, a petition to ban corporate spending on campaigns as well as cap the amount to be spent on a campaign.

Is the Constitution Being Upheld Today?

My first reaction is no, then again in some ways it is and others not so much. Filibusters are a major problem in the Senate, to argue something to death is just not the answer. Since the house does not allow it why does the Senate? The filibuster is to stop any bill from being voted on it seems Unconstitutional. There is no such rule on filibusters in the Constitution. Progress can not be done with constant filibusters, in the Constitution the two houses are to make their own rules, so in fact it is Constitutional.(US Constitution)The main issue we look at is it ethical. If one Senator does not agree with a proposed bill they are allowed to talk as long as they want. The problem is they can go on and on about anything, it may not have anything to do with the proposed bill. Frankly, it wastes tax payer’s money our taxes pay these Senators salaries when they are in session and listening to a filibuster for weeks on end people should be disturbed by that. If you do not agree with a bill even if you know it will pass without your vote, what are you to do? Apparently the Senators feel they can deliberately waste time of Senators and money of the tax payers. You can track the Federalist Papers and get some clarification on filibusters, I am not quite sure it is what the framers intended it to be used for. “All that need be remarked is, that a body which is to correct this infirmity ought itself to be free from it, and consequently ought to be less numerous. It ought, moreover, to possess great firmness, and consequently ought to hold its authority by tenure of considerable duration.” Considerable duration is one thing, 24 hours and 18 minutes of speaking is another, as did Senator Strom Thurmond in 1957 when debating civil rights? That is a clear waste of time and tax payers money. That bill passed in any matter, but it also wasted tax payer money as well.

The elected officials of today all remark on spending less and getting people more jobs. This lack of personal responsibility from our officials is part of the reason for the debt crisis in the first place. If the House and the Senate would spend more time on job creating bills and less time on minor things it would make more sense. Today the House for example is passing through several bills that will die in the Senate. Needless to say the House being majority Republican and the Senate majority is Democrat; most will die when it reaches the Senate. I have said it before; compromise is a great tool more officials need to work on. The main issue Americans face is jobs, mortgages, and inflation. These are key issues both houses can work on to satisfy majority of Americans. It seems like both Democratic and Republican officials have an agenda to make their opposing party look bad. Watching this piece of American history unfold is frustrating, it seems both parties want the same thing, but at the same time they do not want to admit it. It is a wonder if the officials actually agree or they are saying these things to get elected.
The main example I have for elected officials not doing what they say they will after winning an election is the Patriot Act. Mainly Tea Party Republican Candidates all went on and on about upholding Constitutional values. The Patriot Act takes away the 4th amendment as well as several others. 77.5% of tea party backed candidates voted to extend this law, which are 31 of the 40 in the House. It seems it is another case of a candidate lying to get what they want. 

Peace is needed to stop the incited violence of Beck and Palin!

Peace is something this country takes for granted. Not to say that other countries are any better. I would like to apologize to my readers. If at anytime I suggested violence or doing something drastic, those were definitely not my intentions. My blog is to inform and to give some incite into what I see is happening. Of course it also is to show just how wrong Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and the people that support them really are. I’m not telling anyone to get violent. This is never the answer. Blogging helps, so does taking medication if you need it. When I say to get a gun, it’s not to be used in violence. Protection and food are my key ideas on why you should obtain a weapon.

Firearms, should have stricter laws. Any joker can get a license to obtain a weapon. As long as you have no criminal felony charges a gun can be in your hands in a day. Some sort of psychological exam should be conducted. This can get expensive, however there are other solutions. A questionnaire as basic as it sounds can weed out some unstable individuals. This may just be the barrier that holds these psychologically unsound people from obtaining a firearms license. Politicians have their work cut out for them. Hunting is a sport, shooting at targets can be fun, guns don’t kill the people that hold them do. There are many people on the right side of the political spectrum that really don’t want to change the gun laws. After the tragedy in Tuscan it was found that an unstable individual was able to legally purchase a high powered assault weapon. There is another argument here, if someone really wants a gun and can’t legally buy one. Its not very hard to obtain one illegally in this country either. So why the talk?

Violence is the main issue, if people could think before acting that might be of help. Which brings me to Sarah Palin. The previous blog has the target poster that was posted on Palins website and facebook page. Instead of taking the high road, Sarah takes the sewer. Palin made herself out to be the victim of this tragedy. Instead of being the bigger person when several people criticized her she got below their level. This is unmistakeably the downfall of Mrs. Palin, how unfortunate. Another case of thinking before reacting. Palin had days to think before she spoke. Making herself the victim was the wrong answer here. There were 16 victims in this tragedy and Sarah Palin was not one of them. Palins 8 minute speech is below if one can tolerate the, “how dare you” attitude.

Sarah Palin’s deal breaking speech
Glenn Beck posted “We must stand together against all violence” on his website. While he was holding a gun on the left hand side of his web page. Beck is a highly delusional paranoid. “I’m thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I’m wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. … No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out. Is this wrong?” These are actual words out of his mouth. Here is your proof on inciting violence Mr. Beck. At the beginning of each week he takes some poor soul and does a weeks worth of material dedicated to make this person look to be satanic. It’s quite disturbing and makes you think can we commit Beck? Beck takes his debates to a new level on his show. He posts in print the definition of ENEMY : one that is antagonistic to another; especially : one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent. This reminds me of things he says every time I view his work (if you can call it that) when speaking of President Obama. Beck is the definition of an enemy. He speaks of the constitution frequently. The constitution stands for democracy, so it’s appealing that he actually uses that to his advantage. Jon Stewarts moment of zen was Glenn Becks radio show. Beck stated this about Spiderman “It’s one of the best shows I have ever seen, it was breathtaking.” How can anyone say that this man isn’t off his rocker? Thank you Mr. Stewart!

1931 political cartoon

As for republican and democratic parties are concerned, violence is not the answer. Politicians on both sides need to find a common ground. The right and left may have different ideas and opinions, but both parties are Americans. Keep it civil, speak the truth. I know lies and politics go hand and hand it doesn’t need to. Be true to yourself and your beliefs, money and power isn’t everything.

1931 political cartoon

Lastly, I want to thank President Obama for your moving speech at the Tuscan memorial service. Politics would be a brighter world if it was seen through the eyes of a child.  Innocence is something American adults lack.

        President Obama’s speech Tuscan memorial