You Can’t Fix Stupid, But You Can Sterilize It.

There are some very ignorant people in the world. Much more than some may know. Unless you are blind and very sheltered you know just how stupid people can be, maybe not the extent. Hopefully, the majority is not as senseless as some. If you have been paying attention to the Primary Election, you may have noticed Donald Trump has won 18 states, that is not a coincidence. People really are simple minded to think Trump would be a good choice for president. Trump is right about one thing, other countries are laughing at us, and it makes sense. Some gene pools should end, here are many examples of people that should be put out of their ignorance. Sterilization is key, info on where to do that below.

Must be related to Sarah Palin
US education is great! This is a clear example.
I hope this is fake.
images (1)
This woman should be in congress.
images (1)
This guy is either an idiot or an attention whore.
images (2)
This must be a young one.
images (3)
Great math skills our people have.
images (4)
I’ll just leave this here.
images (5)
How much weed did this moron smoke before he posted this?
images (6)
Damn dumb elevators.
images (7)
Don’t think this person was kidding.
This one’s disturbing.
Another scary education fail.
I’ll bet it can.
Why wouldn’t there be fire hydrants?
You know this fool voted for Trump. I guarantee it.
The person that answered this is a true American hero.
This has to be a joke.
Well then.

If you see any of these people or know anyone like that, please explain how sterilization works. Idiocracy seems inevitable with each passing day. If you are one of these people, there are no words other than sterilize.

Sterilization for women: Planned Parenthood-Sterilization  I’ll bet you thought it was all abortions (Don’t believe everything you hear).

Sterilization for men: Health Department- Sterilization You can have this done at any urologist.


Let’s Not Be Friends.

I don’t want friends like these.  Most people are dickheads in some form of another. Some assholes I like and get along with, others not so much.

Here are 10 types of assholes I steer clear from.

  1. Bad Drivers – These people are everywhere while they could possibly be alright to talk with and deal with periodically, the reality is they’ll kill you or someone one day. I try not to associate with a bad driver. Who want’s to go visit someone in prison? I certainly don’t.baddriver
  2. Annoying People-These clowns either have an annoying voice, or their general demeanor is annoying as shit. Someone who irritates you without trying. This person sucks, I avoid these assholes.                                      Annoying-voices
  3. Stupid People-The people that talk to you but have no idea what they’re talking about. They are usually very uneducated and frequently misspell. Not that spelling is everything but overall they look stupid in general and I can’t be bothered with them.idiot
  4. Arrogant People-These jackasses are extremely conceited. They think they’re more important than anyone else. Donald Trump comes to mind, but you get the point. I can’t handle these people, they can just go to hell. arrogance
  5. Overly Religious People-These people fall partly in the category, annoying people. These sinners are usually knocking on doors or telling someone else how to live their life. If you have to pimp your religion to me, it can’t be that great. I’m not looking to hear a sales pitch. anti-gay-bible-thumper
  6. The Anti-People- These people are anti, this and anti that. It’s exhausting, just shut the fuck up already we don’t want to hear it. They’re against things just to be against something. I won’t put up with a person like this. WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH
  7. The Bossy Person– Those people that think they can tell you what to do when they’re not your boss. Not even your family, sometimes these people are family, but for the most part not. These people can get fucked, no random asshole is going to tell me what to do. Prison would really suck. bossy
  8. Judgemental People– These asshats are shit talkers and pass judgement on everyone. A lot of the time these people  will judge before knowing someone or judge when they’re no one to judge. They are the type of people that should always look at themselves because they’re usually the worse of their prey.Upset Teenage Girl With Friends Gossiping In Background
  9. Rude People- I can’t stand rude people, these are the jackasses you hold a door open for and they walk through without even a thank you. These bastards are the ones that treat a server like shit and don’t tip. These are the ones who have no manners and may have been raised by animals. how rude
  10. Bigots– These people hate for no reason and they piss me off. There are bigots of all races and cultures. From racists, that hate because of someone’s skin color, to religious psychos that are against gay marriage, to the cavemen that are against women. They’re all pieces of shit, in my opinion, can’t be near these fuckers.jnstmadit47xd2gymfuu

12 ways to avoid being a douche on social media.


If you already know you’re douche this is the post for you! If you don’t know you very well could be. Here are some ways to avoid being a douche.

  1. Posting selfies over the toilet! In fact posting in your dirty ass bathroom is disgusting enough. No one wants to look at a fucking toilet!

This Douche...   2.  Uploading naked/half naked pictures of yourself with your kids in the background, you dirty hookers!


3. Advertising your half eaten food, no one wants to see that shit. Nor do we give a flying fuck what you had for dinner.

half food  4.  For the love of God (yes, went there) do not post your religious crap! Everyone has their own beliefs don’t try to ram it down everyone’s throat! Trust me that wont get you closer to Jesus. Goes for you too atheists no one wants to see that shit either!

like religion

5.  You’re a special kind of douche if you post pictures of yourself doing drugs. Do drugs quietly like the rest of the world.


6. This is a two for one special. Do not get drunk and post stupid shit on the internet! Especially if it’s an illegal act.


7. Posting a picture of yourself while flexing makes you one of your bigger douches.

flex douche

8.  You’re a classless douche if your teaching your daughter to be a whore.

Epic Facebook FAILS

9. If you’re going to photo shop yourself, at least do it right.


10. Don’t post your money, guns, or drugs. You are my favorite type of douche, an incriminating one.

idiot thug

11.  Commenting on an article when you only read the headline.

read article (3)

12. Under no circumstance should you post pictures of you holding a weapon to your child.

stupid bitch

Well there you have it. There are many more ways to be identified as a douche on social networking. You can start with these and work your way up.

asshole 2

Asshole of the day was a close call. It was won by Chris a racist hillbilly. He decided to post something ignorant. I’ll let you see for yourself.




Duck and Cover

ObamaCare is from 2010 GET OVER IT!

I am so incredibly happy that our Senators and US Representatives are deciding to try to balance the budget and  kill ObamaCare. North Korea is trying to nuke us, but you know what let’s worry about how ObamaCare will bring our country down. WAKE UP POLITICIANS! Deal with real issues ObamaCare has been done, instead of repealing it how about we figure out how it can help. Here is a better option let’s read the law since none of the Conservatives have bothered to “it’s too long.” Hmm, I thought it was your job to do that? Maybe that cuts into your 45 vacations a year, that lord knows you really need because your job is just so stressful. Try raising children and then tell me how stressful being a Senator or Representative is. Not to mention the fact that you can do one term and make your salary for the rest of your miserable life. I am certainly in the wrong field, should have went to law school. If only I did that I could be as lazy as everyone on Capital Hill. Just so everyone is clear, the Democrats are lazy as well. I do not discriminate when talking about how the law-makers (MOST) do not do a damn thing to help our country. The main concern on their plates are how much money do I get if I vote this way or that way. It really should make the people in the US sick. The funny thing is that most people aren’t even aware of how this all works. The average US citizen is blind to what our lovely government does. If you went through school, meaning K-12 then you have taken the Constitution test and should know how the government works. Unfortunately, most people have either chosen to forget or never really knew what the hell was going on in the first place.


North Korean Soldiers (scared yet)
This looks like Germany during WWII (it’s last month in Korea)

Back to North Korea, wow the new leader wants to eliminate its enemies. That would mean the US, they actually have put the video out of North Korean Soldiers shooting at targets that have pictures of US soldiers on them. Let us be concerned with ObamaCare because North Korea is just bluffing right? Let’s hope, but I am very doubtful they are extremely dangerous. The new leader is just as brutal as his father. If you ask me he is even more brutal, he is a new Hitler that is no joke he has already called martial law on his own people. Only time will tell what will happen, but for now duck and cover because our Government is not helping this situation. They are trying to work on defunding ObamaCare which was put into effect in 2010 that is three years they have been trying to do this and since it has yet to be done let’s move on to bigger and better things. I don’t know how about job creation? They could care less about that, it doesn’t affect them in any way shape or form and you want to know why? They are going to get the same salary they have now (for their whole lives) for doing absolutely nothing. They may have been elected but not a damn one of them do their job it makes me absolutely sick! Duck and Cover when you hear the sirens because North Korea is for real they mean business and you better hope our government gets off their ass and does something about this threat. Taunting them is probably not our best idea, but it is what we have come up with so far. One more thing, if I hear the song “Proud to be an American” one more time I am going to lose it. Have a lovely day Americans because with this threat it could be one of our last days.

Kim Jong-un (he is only 29 years old)

To the Idiots in Washington:

Dear (Insert Name Here),
Why do you insist on screwing the American people yet again? It is time that you jerks figure out that you can no longer rob us. The United States is in a debt crisis. What makes you think you can steal even more money then you have already taken? It is astonishing just how badly the country is falling apart. Democracy is dead all that is left is hostage taking on the Republican side.
Public Enemy #1
You Democrats, are not that much better. You are like the friend that talks crap behind our backs. We all know you do but for some reason, you seem like the better choice. This is no more, all of you in the House, the Senate, the White House are no more than common criminals and not one of you can be trusted. The people will rise up against you just like they are doing in other countries.
“Stop screwing the Americans” Michelle Obama
You take our jobs away, if we have jobs you tell us to work more hours, you raise gas prices, coffee prices, tobacco prices and expect us to work more hours. How is that possible when we make less money? Now we pay more for everything on a fraction of the salary we are used to. Every last one of you are committing a crime against this country. If nothing is done it will shock me.
Cutting down welfare may not be the best idea, these are the people you need to worry about. Having nothing to lose makes for a dangerous person. Which brings me to Medicare, what in the hell is that all about? Now I am not saying everyone on food stamps or welfare is lazy, but some are. You will give these people any kind of medical treatment free of charge, but a poor old man/lady does not get the same treatment. Most of the elderly have worked all their life and for what? For our government to screw them over, make them eat cat food and not give them the proper medical treatment or medication they need. Washington WAKE UP! You can sure as hell bet the people will and when they do it will bring a smile to my face.
Look at what is going on in this country, increases in murder, theft, rape, robbery, and yes even suicide. Gee I wonder why this is happening?  If people can not find work or they can not make enough money to either feed their family or put a roof over their head they commit crimes.
If something is not done to fix the corruption in Washington, and I mean like yesterday the shit will hit the fan. It has already begun. I hope you enjoyed your pampered lives because it looks like it may end very soon. I am suggesting your lifestyles, they should change. Cut some of your salaries, everyone knows not a single one of you need more money.
A pissed off American!


Peace is needed to stop the incited violence of Beck and Palin!

Peace is something this country takes for granted. Not to say that other countries are any better. I would like to apologize to my readers. If at anytime I suggested violence or doing something drastic, those were definitely not my intentions. My blog is to inform and to give some incite into what I see is happening. Of course it also is to show just how wrong Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and the people that support them really are. I’m not telling anyone to get violent. This is never the answer. Blogging helps, so does taking medication if you need it. When I say to get a gun, it’s not to be used in violence. Protection and food are my key ideas on why you should obtain a weapon.

Firearms, should have stricter laws. Any joker can get a license to obtain a weapon. As long as you have no criminal felony charges a gun can be in your hands in a day. Some sort of psychological exam should be conducted. This can get expensive, however there are other solutions. A questionnaire as basic as it sounds can weed out some unstable individuals. This may just be the barrier that holds these psychologically unsound people from obtaining a firearms license. Politicians have their work cut out for them. Hunting is a sport, shooting at targets can be fun, guns don’t kill the people that hold them do. There are many people on the right side of the political spectrum that really don’t want to change the gun laws. After the tragedy in Tuscan it was found that an unstable individual was able to legally purchase a high powered assault weapon. There is another argument here, if someone really wants a gun and can’t legally buy one. Its not very hard to obtain one illegally in this country either. So why the talk?

Violence is the main issue, if people could think before acting that might be of help. Which brings me to Sarah Palin. The previous blog has the target poster that was posted on Palins website and facebook page. Instead of taking the high road, Sarah takes the sewer. Palin made herself out to be the victim of this tragedy. Instead of being the bigger person when several people criticized her she got below their level. This is unmistakeably the downfall of Mrs. Palin, how unfortunate. Another case of thinking before reacting. Palin had days to think before she spoke. Making herself the victim was the wrong answer here. There were 16 victims in this tragedy and Sarah Palin was not one of them. Palins 8 minute speech is below if one can tolerate the, “how dare you” attitude.

Sarah Palin’s deal breaking speech
Glenn Beck posted “We must stand together against all violence” on his website. While he was holding a gun on the left hand side of his web page. Beck is a highly delusional paranoid. “I’m thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I’m wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. … No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out. Is this wrong?” These are actual words out of his mouth. Here is your proof on inciting violence Mr. Beck. At the beginning of each week he takes some poor soul and does a weeks worth of material dedicated to make this person look to be satanic. It’s quite disturbing and makes you think can we commit Beck? Beck takes his debates to a new level on his show. He posts in print the definition of ENEMY : one that is antagonistic to another; especially : one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent. This reminds me of things he says every time I view his work (if you can call it that) when speaking of President Obama. Beck is the definition of an enemy. He speaks of the constitution frequently. The constitution stands for democracy, so it’s appealing that he actually uses that to his advantage. Jon Stewarts moment of zen was Glenn Becks radio show. Beck stated this about Spiderman “It’s one of the best shows I have ever seen, it was breathtaking.” How can anyone say that this man isn’t off his rocker? Thank you Mr. Stewart!

1931 political cartoon

As for republican and democratic parties are concerned, violence is not the answer. Politicians on both sides need to find a common ground. The right and left may have different ideas and opinions, but both parties are Americans. Keep it civil, speak the truth. I know lies and politics go hand and hand it doesn’t need to. Be true to yourself and your beliefs, money and power isn’t everything.

1931 political cartoon

Lastly, I want to thank President Obama for your moving speech at the Tuscan memorial service. Politics would be a brighter world if it was seen through the eyes of a child.  Innocence is something American adults lack.

        President Obama’s speech Tuscan memorial

The Tea Party Strikes Again!

A sane person wouldn’t dress like that or hold a sign that said join or die.
It’s starting already, they’re crazy people everywhere. If you can’t get people to listen to you they decide to get a gun out instead. Its pure craziness, someone or some people send two bombs to two different locations in Maryland. A 22 year old shooter kills at least six people and injuring several more including a democratic representative Gabrielle Giffords. He shot her in the head and she is living so far. I don’t care what anyone says these incidents are all completely political. This is just the beginning I’m afraid. There are several other nut jobs out there that will see this and say gee, maybe this will make me famous. Even worse maybe these incidents will show people that it’s the only way to get through to the government. This is the wrong attitude to have. The best thing to do is stop buying stupid shit you don’t need. Let’s be real here. If you buy you are giving back to our government. Let’s stop the buying of crap we don’t need. I’ve told you all before. Get some gold, silver, guns, a stock pile of food. Random shootings, I predict is just the beginning, there will be much more happening in the days to come. People that have no money will start stealing and scamming it’s going to happen. I’ve lucked up by buying a house in the middle of nowhere, but sadly most people live in urban areas. Hopefully most of you have a place to go when the shit goes down.
They say the world is ending anyway, that would be the deal breaker.
This has to be the scariest damn picture I’ve ever seen….stay with us forever Danny!
Let’s start with the bombs that were sent to Maryland. These “packages” were sent to government buildings. One was addressed to Gov. Chris Gregoire of Washington another Democrat. The second package was addressed to Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland take a guess yes he to is a Democrat. To say this wasn’t political is laughable. It seems everyday something happens that is highly political. Crimes, yes but political as well. How can you say that sending a bomb into a federal building addressed to the governor isn’t political? That is just obscured, I get people don’t want to set off panic or god forbid copycats. Tell the people the truth, that’s all we want from our government. It seems that no one in the government has that ability. This happened Thursday, on Friday a similar package was sent to Janet Napolitano the United States Secretary of Homeland Security. You guessed it Janet is another Democrat. Is this striking you as odd? I don’t think it is, this is just what the crazy tea party wanted. The psycho tea party members are getting their wish.
Sarah Palin’s hit list, Rep. Giffords is on here!
The tea party is starting to get way out of hand! These crazy bastards are inciting riots and it’s absolutely ridiculous. Sarah Palin had a list of targets on Facebook one of the targets is Representative Giffords. Some of the things the shooter Jared Lee Loughner has said on a youtube video are words that I myself have heard Glenn Beck say on his television show. Scaring people is not the way to go Glenn. You, Palin, and the rest of the crazy tea baggers are starting to show your true colors. We now see how crazy these people truly are. There is currently a man hunt for a 50 (something) year old man. I’m guessing that’s the person who was whispering in this kid’s ear giving him these outrageous ideas. The tea party is mainly Americans over 50 years old. Maybe there was something wrong with the water back in the day. Who knows, all I know is that most democrats are getting death threats. Face the facts all politicians are crooks, so why single out the democrats? Beck, Palin, Bachmann, and several other nutcases are brainwashing the weak minded. If you people would wake up and smell the coffee, the world would be a much safer place. Why anyone would listen to a few crazy yahoos just baffles me. I’m sure everyone has heard, don’t believe everything you read. Well, you also shouldn’t believe anything that comes out of a republican’s mouth either. These people are just money hungry bastards. They don’t care about you or even sympathize with you. The only thing they’re concerned about is their own ass. If they cared about you, the world would be much different.  Can’t say that Democrats are any better, however they are a little more realistic with their actions. They seem to want the country to be a better place. They are doing more for workers and the poor. That’s why I lean more toward the left. I can’t go near the right. For good reason, throughout history the conservatives have been way over the top. They have also fought for too many things I am totally against. I won’t get into that, this isn’t about any of that. This is about a crazy conservative with a gun, a liberal’s worst nightmare.
 This is a video from Jared Loughner put on youtube
Let’s get back to the issue here, Fox News is pushing that this is not political. It purely is, Loughner may have shot more than just Rep Giffords, but he also had a death wish. That he may have not been able to do himself. If he shot her point blank he wanted to die. Loughner must have thought, someone will kill me if I shoot her. When no one did he shot randomly. He wrote a goodbye note to his friends on myspace, and also allegedly had a suicide note in his pocket. Loughner was planning on dying today; there is no doubt in my mind. There will be more things happening like this. If you get a death threat, you may want to have security all over you. Arizona really needs to watch who they give firearm cards to. It’s a scary country we live in. We will give a weapon to anyone and it’s not something that should be done. I am all for owning weapons. It’s just that people really need to be looked at before they are issued a gun.
 Glenn Beck ranting, same thing gunman was blogging about…
Jared Lee Loughner
I’ve seen some radicals on twitter saying that terrorists are only Muslims, which really infuriated me at the time. Today it shows just how wrong those people are. The packages and the shooting was a true definition of a terrorist attack. This Laughner guy slaughtered innocent people and most likely would have loved to have been killed. I’m not sure what the laws are in Arizona, but they probably have the death penalty he may just get his wish. He should have to stay in prison for the rest of his life. For the simple fact that he wanted to die. Don’t give this guy what he wants. Give him life! The worst thing that could happen to him. He’ll claim insanity and he’ll get it. Anyone who watches Fox News religiously and believes everything that comes out of Becks mouth really is insane. Laughner knew what he was doing. It was obviously planned so he really shouldn’t get to claim insanity. Welcome to the United States, our constitution will allow it. It will be a loss for the dead and the families that lost their loved ones in this tragic event.
Representative Giffords
Please say a prayer for the people who lost their lives and their families. This is a sad situation and I hope that it doesn’t happen again. Please also pray for Representative Giffords and hope she makes a full recover. No one deserves to be shot or to die the way these people have. It’s a true tragedy and unfortunately it just makes my blogs more accurate. The tea party is going to take the country down and Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are sincerely evil humans.

Shut Up and Assume the Position!

I’ve never seen so much fear over a little pat down? Give it up, would you rather be pat down by security or get potentially blown up on plane? You decide. I’m not sure what the problem is, maybe it’s the scans? Well if you are some kind of hermaphrodite or an alien. I don’t mean illegal alien either. Other than that what’s the big problem? Conservatives are so petty; they find any little thing to bitch about. You can argue that it’s an invasion of privacy. The airport has been an invasion of privacy forever. After 9/11 the airport has been tight on security. It’s for your best interest there has been a history of problems with airport security. Making it a little tighter will do some good, so seriously shut up!
Sure you may be waiting longer than usual, it won’t kill you. It’s not like 99% of the country isn’t sitting on a cell phone half of the time anyway. Trust me it won’t kill you to call, text, or message someone and bitch. Americans are the main people that waste time in this world. Think about how much time is wasted in traffic, watching mindless crap on TV, or sitting on the internet. Then, you try to figure out where the hell your time went. Well figure it out, we waste time and then bitch about anyone who wastes a minute.
Think about lines at the grocery or department store. If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard a huff and puff while waiting in line I’d be a billionaire twice over. God forbid if there is a person in line ahead of you that has WIC or food stamps. Maybe, there isn’t a price tag and there needs to be a check on it. Then you actually hear moans and groans. It’s really quite sad. Where do you have to be? If you had to be somewhere in a certain amount of time I’m quite sure shopping shouldn’t be your top priority.
So, wasting time is part of being a human. It’s a natural thing and going through security won’t kill you. Although, Glenn Beck would like it to be his answer to this is unbelievable. We all have a right to bare arms, so, bring a gun on the plane with you. This is an actual statement the poor excuse for a human being made. Let’s see the TSA is worried about terrorism, if everyone had a gun there would be more problems. If everyone had a gun people would shoot each other for no reason. Think about gangs, some of these guys will shoot you for your coat or shoes. So, let’s give one to everyone who gets on a plane. Other problem is they serve alcohol on planes. So get people drunk, hand them a gun. Hopefully they’ll no stress in their lives and there isn’t a crying baby on that plane. It’s the most ridiculous suggestion I’ve ever heard not to mention the fact that you will get arrested for doing this.
I am all for the right to bare arms. If you can get a FOID card by all means give that man or woman a gun. I still think there should be more than a background check done in order to obtain one. A psychological test needs to be a must, law enforcement are put through it, why not your average citizen. Case and point, just recently last week in fact ,a man in Wisconsin shot his television with a shotgun. The reason was amusing but highly psychotic. Putting a hole in your television because someone can’t dance is pure craziness. Lock that crazy SOB away, please. While I agree that none of the Palins have talent unless you consider unintelligent racist sluts being talented. Well, maybe they have talent in some ways that I’ll never know. Ask any politician that backed Sarah, maybe she gives good head or she’s made of gold? In any case shooting a television set because you think someone has no talent might be a reason not to bare arms. This crazy guys wife told law enforcement that he’s bipolar. That maybe should have been checked, before he was able to purchase a weapon. Although, I’m not sure if it was registered in any case, it gives cause to question the laws.
Bipolar wasn’t always around, you were either sane or crazy back in the day. Now you can have all sorts of different medical diseases. It’s really a way for the corporations to make more money on prescription drugs. If you know anything about politics you will know that most politicians have stake in this industry. Why do you think Conservatives are fighting Obama on the health care plan with such force? Free health care means not so much money going into these pockets. How sad, millionaires losing money, makes me want to cry.
To sum this all up, quit your bitching, get in line, take a number. It’s a part of life, you must follow rules. If my four-year-old can understand it, the right-wing’s should as well. If you really want to complain about something, why don’t we start with the US Postal Service? We are one of the only countries that have federal evolvement in how our mail is handled. It’s just an example; don’t start getting your panties in a bunch over that too. There are so many things we can complain about in this country, we are far from free and if you don’t understand that yet you never will. If we don’t have security look forward to things like this…..