State of the Union Address


On January 25, 2011 President Barack Obama gave the State of the Union address. Important Constitutional issues were addressed such as, control of the national debt and the need for a smaller government. The better part of the speech was using the Presidential power of checks and balances when speaking to Congress. This was also playing referee to a point, the political parties in the United States have been fighting like children. The President focused on job creation; an issue that many American people are concerned with today. Obama painted a clear picture of his intentions to increase jobs around the nation. President Obama explained how he is trying to shape the world, this by undertaking one of his many roles as president and dealing with foreign policy. The President delivered a clear message, the need for change and what his plans are for that change.
            President Obama has an idea to control the increasing United States debt. The plan starts with freezing annual spending for the next five years. However, his key words throughout the State of the Union Address were to invest in innovation, infrastructure, and education. While this will help the country immensely in the years to come, it is also something that can potentially increase the annual budget. His intentions are to find investors for these ideas, finding investors is an excellent plan to keep to his word. Barack Obama spoke of minimizing government; he contends there are too many government agencies and the need to cut some of that out. The proposition to Congress is simple; consolidate government to make it better. He acknowledged the need for competence in the government.
            The President of the United States let the Congressional audience know that he was watching their moves. Obama was far from subtle in doing this, even going as far as telling Congress they need to take responsibility for their actions. The president in so many words let Congress know they were not fooling anyone, while they spend more money than revenue coming in. Next Obama spoke directly to the majority of the Republican Party, and let them know the Government can no long afford the tax break for the 2% of the wealthiest Americans. Barack Obama called Congress out stating the need to eliminate the billions of tax dollars in oil companies to invest in the future, meaning a cleaner and more efficient energy sources. The President is using the power of veto to his advantage and will veto any bill that passes his desk with earmarks. Obama seemed to be playing a father-like role and said that Government may have different views of policy, but if we all believe in our Constitution, dreams, and country anything is possible.
            The President focused on job creation, he also spoke words that could not be truer “We need to keep jobs in American, not over seas.” Mr. Obama made deals with foreign leaders to bring two-hundred and fifty thousand jobs from India and China to the U.S. He also spoke with the leader of South Korea and has the ability to obtain seventy-five thousand jobs into the United States. President Obama urged Congress to let that bill pass to help the country obtain the much needed employment. Next, he expressed the need to lower and simplify the corporate tax rate; he claims this can happen without adding to the deficit. There are plans for a high speed rail, which goes along with the countries infrastructure, and job creation. He pushed education, without education the U.S. can not be number one. Education is the foundation of every invention and idea, and is crucial for this country. The President would like to keep the tuition tax credit incentive so education can reach every American. The focus for innovation is how Americans make their living along with free enterprise. More jobs will be available by investing in research and education.
            When The President spoke about things happening overseas the Iraq and Afghanistan War came through. He declared the war in Iraq was coming to an end. Afghanistan was another story it was said that there is tougher fighting ahead, but the troops will be beginning to come home in July of this year. As with any State of the Union Address the President talked about his accomplishments and along with the U.N. the nuclear material is being locked down tighter in surrounding countries. President Obama has been making alliances with other countries also stating that all countries support democratic aspirations. In order to perform the role as President he must keep alliances with other countries in order to avoid war and protection in the case of a war with a hostile country.
            The Presidents speech was direct and to the point. I believe President Obama accomplished the job of addressing some of the issues the American people are facing and a way to acquire the goals he set forth. Controlling the national debt and a smaller government seemed to top his list. Knowing that the American President is doing his job when it comes to taming Congress sets minds at ease. As long as Congress works together there can be the needed change that is sought. The American people want to see the economy thrive; investing in innovation, infrastructure, and education is the only way to achieve this goal. Another issue the Barack Obama covered was safety, which is in the back of American minds as well. He achieved some ease when letting people know of the alliances and the locking down of weapons. President Obama’s speech was articulate and to the point, actions speak louder than words, focusing on the goals is the very key to a successful Presidency.