Everything You Know Is A Lie

Many people believe the media is liberal controlled, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The media is corporate owned, which is the opposite of liberal. During the primary election, the corporate owned media has given Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton more of an advantage. Many things play a role here. Sure, the fact that the two candidates are loaded are another advantage. If Donald Trump was broke he’d be on the street (one of those bums you find talking to themselves) if Hillary was broke she would still be the media’s pick (based on her greedy pockets).

David Koch
David Koch

Every network on television, newspaper, online journals, everything you see minus PBS is corporate owned, however with enough money you can get PBS not to air something as well. When Reagan was in office he cut funding to PBS and NPR the funding  for these two outlets come from mainly wealthy donors. One large donation in particular came from a very wealthy man, David Koch. Koch donated 23 million dollars to PBS. Aspecial on PBS called “Citizen’s Koch” was prepared to air on CBS. It had to do with the Koch Brothers and the political scandal in Wisconsin in 2011 and 2012. David Koch was offended by the documentary and it was taken off the schedule. Koch Bros Donate to PBSdownload

Everything you read or see is filtered by corporations. They own us, they control everything our elections, what people believe, religious values, what we see, what we hear. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact.

The only thing you can trust is what you see in today’s world. People need to be skeptical of everything, many of what you know is nonsense. Americans and the world are lied to by our government, who is owned by the corporations.


5 families run the world,  Rothschild, Rockefeller, Du Pont, Morgan, and Bush. These families are the richest in the world and have been running our country for a very long time. Every one of these 5 families can buy and pay for anything.

Why would any of these families not want a President like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Hillary can be bought she’s proved that time and time again. Donald Trump, claims he can not be bought, that may be the truth. If Trump can or can’t be bought is irrelevant since he’s a billionaire. Why would he help the little people or “losers” as he calls them instead of his “winning” billionaire friends? This man wants to give corporate breaks LARGE corporate breaks. He wants to cut education, cut every social program, and give breaks to corporations? Sure everyones paychecks will actually be more if Trump is elected President, according to his tax breaks, that’s if Congress votes for it. These tax cuts also at 24.5 Trillion to the debt.

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The media has been running the primary election, they have been dictating everything since the very beginning. It has been Clinton Vs. Trump in the media’s eyes from the very beginning. Periodically you will see a story about another candidate running, it’s few and far between. Political news networks like MSNBC is the liberal Fox News, or at least it used to be. It is now Clinton and Trump network. The best anchor left on MSNBC Rachel Maddow has even been bought, it’s blatently clear how it became a money game. This is not the first election that has been bought by the corporation, if Bernie Sanders doesn’t either take the Primary or get into the White House it won’t change. It will only get worse from here.


Take everything you see on TV, in a magazine, on the internet, in a newspaper, and hear on the radio with a grain of salt it is all fed to you by the wealthy. There is a reason you see very few educational things on television in the world today. Think about all the garbage people watch on television, from Honey Boo Boo to the Kardashians. This is like junk food for the brain, the corporations do not want educated consumers. The wealthy want zombies to keep working like a slave and helping them gain more wealth. The country will only continue to produce more “poorly educated” people. The sheep will continue to grow and people will continue drinking the purple kool aid.


There may be nothing anyone can do at this point. These families and the corporations have been in power far longer than many many think. Politics can help this, but money corrupts most. Many people can be bought and if they can’t be bought which is rare of a politician, they may get shot. It wouldn’t be the first time. Money is the root of all evil, this is apparent when it comes to media at any level.

Dear President Obama


Dear Mr. President,
I’m going to start by saying, you’ve gotten a bad reputation by getting handed a screwed up economy. That being said, this tax bill is completely ludicrous! I know you didn’t want unemployment to get shut down. That would be a bad thing for sure. It really doesn’t make sense to tax the people on unemployment more. We are keeping this Bush tax law in place, but raising taxes on anyone making 20k – 40k? What about that makes any sense? It really is a travesty when you keep taxes for someone who makes more than 250k the same, but bump up the poor to middle class. What are you telling people by doing this? Let me tell you, screw the poor and almost middle class we’ll give the tax relief to people that don’t really need it. Trouble with this is people that may have made over 40k per year now make less. Perhaps not everyone, but anyone who lost their job and settled for any job they could get or anyone on unemployment.
Lowering taxes on pay checks is a tremendous idea! Regrettably, it’s on Social Security, so my guess is I won’t have that option when I retire. How about lowering a different tax such as federal, state, Medicare? I really think lowering taxes is a bad idea in any case. How do you expect the economy to grow while lowering taxes? I say raise them all, if you’re going to do it to someone who makes a minimal salary do it to everyone!
What is going on with the housing market? This HAMP deal you proposed, doesn’t work as well as you said it would. I haven’t heard much about it in recent months. I do know several people that have applied for this. I know only one person that was approved for the modification. This person makes over 100k per year. This man didn’t pay his mortgage for over a year. He had a gambling problem. HAMP worked well for this man. Lowered his interest, lowered the payment, and took away everything he owed for a whole year. I tried to get this myself, and was shut down told we didn’t qualify. There are so many clauses in this bill that does not make sense. If anyone has an FHA loan, they will never get this deal. It would be nice if you could figure out another way to help people. No one wants to lose their home, so many have already. You need to help people and make the laws for HAMP clear.
When the Republicans take over the house in January, please veto any law they propose! They will screw up our country just like every other Republican has done from the start. I really want to believe in you, and I do for now. You are truly making it very hard to do. You know as well as I do that trickle down politics does not work. It never will, Conservatives seem to think it will. I don’t know what their reasoning is behind this, but it never has. It makes the wealthy even wealthier, creating jobs will not happen. It will be the downfall to this country. It really is a scary thought especially when I have small children. They are going to be living in poverty even with a college degree.
Homeless American woman and her children. This will happen more and more.
The poor college graduates now, can’t get a job if they do they are getting paid way under the normal. If you look for jobs in my area there are 3-5 mostly things that require college or something that pays well under the norm. Unemployment continues to rise, it will continue to until there are real jobs out there. I don’t blame any unemployed person that doesn’t take a job that pays less then they are getting on unemployment. After all, they paid into that unemployment.
Here’s another good idea, raise the import tax. If you raise this tax they will bring most of the companies back here. It’s not public information what stocks and corporations politicians have stake in. It should be public information, if it was the Americans would vote a hell of a lot differently.
If Bush can figure it out anyone can….


If you want my vote in 2012 and every other vote you would be expecting to get you need to do what you planned. Fight those bastard conservatives on everything they propose, to a point they may try to make good laws. It’s hard to believe they will do what they say, not that they said much. The only thing I seen during the November election was democrats and republicans bashing each other. Truthfully I didn’t hear any real debating going on. The power of veto is a strong tool you hold. Please use it wisely.
Thank you for reading and good luck to you!