The US Needs Education Reform!

Education in the US has gone to complete shit. From common core to no child left behind. Nothing has been working to better the US education system. There are many countries that spend far less per child for education and they are far more intelligent. Education keeps getting cut, yet we don’t spend the most per child we are #4 in the world market. Finland seems to be the place to get the highest level of education in the world. They even have free college.




We are the 7th richest nation in the world yet we lag behind everyone in education. We should be the best, we are not even the second best. How can a country like the United States have such horrible education stats and standards?

One reason is America’s repeated failure to invest in education. According to the US News, federal funding for education has fallen drastically. Congress has cut funding for K-12 education by nearly 20 percent since 2011—five times more than overall spending cuts.

Another reason for the lack of quality education is standardized testing. Many schools, across the country, give children so many tests. For example, my children take 4 standardized tests per year. The entire school year the children in Texas are being taught a test. In certain grades if you fail the test they hold you behind unless your teachers agree to pass you ahead.


In Texas standardized testing is big money the state has a contract for $468 million with Pearson Education to create and grade the STAAR test. According to the Washington Post, Pearson has solicited for test graders on Craigslist. Texas has the worst high school graduation rate of the entire country. No wonder, the kids get overloaded with pointless tests all year. They learn only what is on the test.

In a two-year testing study in city public schools across the nation, it is found that on average a student takes 112 mandatory standardized tests between Pre-K  through 12th grade. It averages about 8 tests per year. The tests alone use 20-25 hours per year. Many of the standardized tests the children take are on the same subjects. The scores end up overlapping.

Statistics show that Finland is by far the best country to live in for a superior education. Not only does Finland spend less per student, than the US does, they also have an exceptional education system.


2014 Education Spending.

In Finland, it is extremely difficult to obtain a job in education, in order to be a teacher you must have your Masters Degree. They only hire the best of the best. The Principal runs the school and normally deals with the budget. The parents and educators decide how the school is run. They have the state, federal, as well as county programs that fund the schools. These programs are a perfect example of checks and balances each of the programs check each other to make sure the students being properly educated.


Finnish schools have no standardized testing, they have very little homework, the school hours are half that of the students in the US. The kids have 50-minute recess and free lunch.

“The [Finnish] curricula are very much focused on critical thinking and problem solving, project-based learning, and learning to learn,” she said. “There is a lot of collaboration in the classroom.” – Pasi Sahlberg, a Finnish education experience.

That is very different from the way the students are taught in the United States. There are very little debates in schools and no problem solving. Students learning tests is what is happening in America. That is what the country has come down to, let’s test the hell out of you and throw a bunch of bullshit you’ll never need down your throat and send you off in the world broken and half dead.


The bottom line is if Finland can do it, so can we. We are spending more than many and we should be number one in education. It disgusts me that the United States doesn’t make this a top priority. Instead, you hear getting rid of much-needed programs. The department of education is needed. First, it needs to follow Finlands path, standardized testing does not work! Then we need a whole overhaul on how to best spend the money in the budget and where it is needed most. In Finland they give additional money to poor areas, it obviously does the trick.


Things My Kids Will Never Know.

With technology the way it is, there are many things the children of today will never know unless they look at history. The way times are now I wonder if they will even do that.

Perfect example of a horrible speaker. Martin Shkreli.

They’ll never know how to talk to people. This is the most concerning thing of all. If you watch people like I do, (Not in a creepy way, just observing people in their natural habitat) you will notice people rarely talk anymore. Most communication is done through technology. Next time you go to a restaurant, look around and count how many people are actually talking and not playing on their phones. Kids need to know how to communicate and speak. The schools may need to add sociology and public speaking at a grammar school

They’ll never get the satisfaction of slamming a phone down when they hang up on someone. That feels awesome! When you’re so pissed off at someone and you get some aggression out by slamming that phone down. Well, of course, they can still do it if they want to get a new screen and or phone. Maybe that’s why kids are going crazy they have no way to get their hang up aggression out.

They’ll never know privacy.
Someone is always watching in today’s world. Everyone has a video camera attached to their hip. Anything you do can be recorded and put on the internet for the world to see. This can be a bad thing for most and a good thing for some. If you’re talented in some way you can become famous. If you’re an idiot or do stupid things that can also make you famous, but not in a good way.Kitties-asleep-in-Mommy-Cats-Arms

They’ll never know what it’s like to feel safe. Scary to think this way, but it’s the truth. When I was a kid I always felt safe. The things kids see in today’s world can not make them feel safe. They are worried at school, at movie theaters, in gas stations, cars, grocery stores, sporting events, even playing outside. Like it or not even if you don’t let your children watch the news, kids aren’t stupid they know what’s going on. They have lockdown drills at school in case someone comes in with a gun. Did you have that in school?         shutterstock_124904114-1

They’ll never know what life is like without the internet. Unless you live internet free, which is extremely rare. Future generations (unless something happens to the internet) will not know what it’s like to look things up in books, instead of Google. They won’t be able to read a card catalog in a library. Why would you need a dictionary any longer? Type a word in google and bam, there’s your definition.spelling-is-hard

They will never need to spell or learn basic math. Spell check is everywhere there will be no need to learn to spell. You can type any math problem on a computer and get an answer. Some may argue a calculator can do the same, but it really can’t. You can type anything into google. You can’t do the same with a calculator. They still learn math and spelling in school, but many kids still don’t know how to spell or count. A perfect example of this is a true story. I took my kids for ice cream, the high school girl says the total is 16.01. I give her a $20.00 and she goes to the register and types it all in. I say “excuse me, I have a penny.” I hand her the penny she looks absolutely confused. She calls another high school girl over saying, “I don’t get how to fix this.” I tell her from the other side of the counter ” Honey, you owe me $4.00.” She looks relieved and hands me my change. I guess I should have told her she owed me $100 pretty sure she would have handed it over.6d77f91d6e9883bf8dd5f53d5113214a

They’ll never know how to write in cursive. The do not teach cursive in school any longer. Apparently, it’s not important to learn how to sign your name as you would do with a check or a contract. Instead of teaching children how to write most schools opt out because they need to teach the children the standardized testing which is not on these tests. Computers and technology have decided that cursive is obsolete most everything is to be done electronically now, even signatures. I wonder how many generations will be signing an X as their name in the future. Cursive handwriting Disappearing

Eventually, kids won’t know what it’s like to play outside. Some already don’t. The point is taking the phones and electronics away from your kids and yourself once in a while will not kill either of you. Get out and do things life is short kids won’t be little forever. Talk to your kids for fuck sake!



Freedom in the US? Not even close!



I keep seeing freedom posts on Facebook and Twitter and I just keep thinking why on earth do people think we are free? It’s actually quite amusing. The only thing we are free of is the tax England put on us. We still pay taxes we are actually taxed more than once on most purchases, we vote but the results seem altered… at best, we have various stupid laws that take away much of our so-called freedom, and I can’t carry a gun in a major city (legally) exactly how is that free? We may have a few perks other countries do not have, but as far as I see it no freedom here. Freedom of speech is kind of a joke too, most people would sue you if you say the wrong thing. I still am able to blog, score one for the US, but I can still potentially get sued if I offend someone. I am not really afraid of being sued, so if that is your goal stand in line.
Proof inbreeding is real!


This guy is living the dream. Does this make you proud to be American?


No caption necessary


 The world seems to be going backwards instead of forwards. The News keeps scaring the hell out of everyone, first I see people are dying of bird flu, then I see North Korea is threatening to attack us. The news is run by the government, they have to get approval of what gets out to the public. The real news is hush hush, best thing to do is watch BBC News problem with that is I believe they are holding back information as well. When the news starts to scare you that means our government is pulling one over on everyone. I do not doubt that. The Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are mere puppets they will do anything for money and it is quite scary that the corporations are running these men and women. The problem is no one will stop them. The protests were really quite cute but did not do a damn thing. I am proud of the 99% for wasting their time, I’m just glad I did not jump on that bandwagon. Be individuals not sheep, try and thinking for yourselves for a change. The government fears this and this is what will save us. If the people do not do something and I mean pretty soon, we will all be screwed. Protesting in a line with signs is not working, I think that was proved. There are other ways, and I do not mean illegal things. The problem is we will not stand together. I will stand next to a Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Independent, whoever, we all have the same goal why don’t we work together. Our lovely government can not agree, but we can be the bigger people and let them know we are unhappy. I am not saying that to be against any party, it is all of them. They act like children! At the end of the week, they stomp their feet and say “I’m taking my ball and I’m going home”. That stuff really needs to stop!