The Future Speaker of the House is Weak!

So I’ve been trying to figure out why a man would cry in public. I’ve figured it out. I’m positive I will find the majority (how fitting) of people agree with me. Let me explain my reasoning before I get hate mail. Might I just say this is about our Conservative friend John Boehner. My first reaction was, this guys gay. It was the wrong reaction, men cry sometimes. However, In my 29 years of life I have yet to see my father cry. I don’t think I ever will and that shows me that my dad either doesn’t cry or just doesn’t do it in public. Smart move on his part, crying shows weakness. If you’re a man or a woman, it shouldn’t be done in public. Especially when you are in the public eye. As is Representative Boehner. Even more troublesome than that, he is a leader in this country. That makes me want to cry, don’t worry I wont get in front of the news cameras and do that. 

So, I have seen men cry before don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if men should be made of stone and never shed a tear. There are certain circumstances where crying is absolutely acceptable. Your child, parents, spouse, grandparents, a close relative, best friend, or dog passing away. Some other acceptable reasons can be; winning the lottery (large sum), becoming paralyzed, watching your child being born, watching a loved one get tortured, coming home from war, and maybe dropping something that weighs more than 50lbs on your toe. There may be a few more reasons where it’s feasible to cry, however I can’t think of any other reasons that are good enough. Most of the time when people cry they are rarely in a public setting as it is. So, to cry over winning an election;  it’s a great thing, but have you ever seen a President cry after winning? No doubt some if not all of them may have. Not once have I seen that happen on camera. That is an excellent thing too, showing weakness is not good for the leaders of this great nation. You say, Obama caved that shows weakness, not the same thing. He may have compromised with the Republicans, but he didn’t cry about it. It’s not like he stomped his feet and threw a tantrum. He called them hostage takers, that is exactly what the GOP was doing. So weak, no the deal could have been better, but that’s not what this is about.

Weak defined as: Not having authority, political strength, or governing power “a weak president”.  I am not speaking of our President as you may have guessed. I am speaking of no other than John Boehner, the next house speaker. It’s a scary thought, is this guy going to cry if he can’t get a bill passed? I can see him throwing himself on the ground because the Democrats disagree with him. It’s an absolute catastrophe having this so called man leader of the US House of Representatives. I’m appalled that such a spineless, cowardly person can actually call himself a leader. It figures he’s from Ohio, not that I am against the state as a whole, just anyone who voted for a man that cries for no real reason. Let me elaborate on that.

Boehner cried while talking about schools. Also, cried when his wife said she was proud of him. In fact most of his interview he did on 60 minutes the man sobbed through. Who in their right mind would give this guy sympathy. I must say he has 11 siblings. That can’t be easy, but he’s been in congress since the early 90’s. I have no sympathy for the devil. On election night the man sobbed like a baby. When he debates during congressional sessions he cries occasionally. I’ve done some research on this and found that it’s more than occasionally. Don’t let this guy fool you, he’s not the emotional guy he seems to be. He has his skeletons in the closet that you can find as easily as I have. Crying doesn’t make us feel for you, either you’re a pretty decent actor or you’re too emotional for politics. If that was Speaker Pelosi crying on TV, the conservatives would have a field day. A woman, just too emotional to hold office. That is exactly what you would hear. I’m sure it would be worse than that. That woman is an excellent speaker. She has yet to cry in public and I applaud her for that!

I agree with the ladies on the view, I can’t believe I’m putting that in writing. MAN UP! Don’t be such a pansy everyone has problems. I don’t feel for your kids they have more money and opportunity than most American children. They will be just fine, especially now that they won’t pay taxes on the millions you leave them at your death. Also, they’ll pay minimal taxes at least for the next two years. Ohio, stop voting for the morons please! That state has screwed the United States numerous times. I say we boycott Ohio, give them to Mexico. Better yet, lets put the lifers in prison there. We can put a big wall around the state throw the people that are in prison for life in there. Hell, conservatives are all for guns right? Lets give each prisoner a gun with a duffel bag full of ammo, strong will survive. Technically the ones with the best aim will. Then those people can be shipped off to war and we can bring the real heroes home. Sounds like a damn good idea to me. I’m starting to sound like a crazy teabagger. It’s just a thought. Wow Ohio, way to screw the country yet again.

These are videos of a few instances of Boehner crying. Some say a drunk, I say weak same difference.
In conclusion, I must say a few things I have found out about this blubbering idiot. The main one that really got to me was from back in 1996. There was a bill being heard to come up for tobacco subsidy. He actually handed checks from major tobacco companies to representatives in the house. Boehner also has done the same thing when bills for steel regulations come up. Yet he takes money from them. Sounds like he paid some people off for votes including himself. He said it wasn’t illegal admitted doing it, says it will never happen again. Maybe that’s why he cries he’s got too much money from kick backs. This is the Representative we have leading the house starting 2011.  Boehner is very hypocritical, since he cried over the poor children. He has also voted against providing health insurance for children (many times),against raising the minimum wage, against tobacco education, against raising prison time for crimes against children. He and his fellow Republicans are voting hard against the same federal grants that put him through college. Remember when you pump your gas and watch the prices rising that John Boehner get’s kick backs from the oil companies to keep those prices rising. It’s great to be an American! Gotta love those conservative Republicans. They will make our country better, so they say. These are just more things that makes me sick. It should make you sick as well! Remember we the people have the right to overthrow the government. No time like the present!