So, You’ve Been Called A Communist

            When debating with some of the people who claim to be tea party or Republican supporters they may call you a communist. Unless you are the CEO of a Corporation, chances are you are not. If this happens let me tell you what to do. Calling them names doesn’t do the trick. Put these people in their place and tell them some cold hard facts. Democrats and Liberals are not Communists we all know that we are Americans who want fairness. We also want to protect the working class citizens as well as programs that help the poor and hard working people alike. It is not hard to understand the true meaning of freedom. When dealing with these people you have several options really. First off let me give you some basic facts about the lovely word.
1. advocacy of a classless society in which private ownership has been abolished and the means of production and subsistence belong to the community
2. any social, economic, or political movement or doctrine aimed at achieving such a society
3. ( usually capital ) Marxism Marxism-Leninism See also socialism a political movement based upon the writings of Marx that considers history in terms of class conflict and revolutionary struggle, resulting eventually in the victory of the proletariat and the establishment of a socialist order based on public ownership of the means of production
 4. ( usually capital ) a social order or system of government established by a ruling Communist Party, esp in the former Soviet Union 5. chiefly  ( US ) ( often capital ) any leftist political activity or thought, esp when considered to be subversive 6. communal living; communalism[1]
As defined Communism is a classless society, one may argue that is what liberals want. That is untrue, sure the wealthy corporations are a problem, but it is well known that many corporations are foreign. The wealthy in the United States make up about 2% of the country. Most liberals including myself have no problem with wealth. The problem with the wealthy in this country is they are not doing their part in paying their fair share of taxes through no fault of their own. They also seem to have different laws, simply because they can pay their way out of trouble. Communism is something liberals do not want, most liberals want to own the property they buy and keep the money they earn. Some of the wealthy in this country are liberals as well, why would they want to share what they earned?
Good ole’ China, a Communist country, so lets break this down for the mentally challenged conservatives. Our major corporations and manufacturers’ are being shipped over to China, correct? Major corporations hold stake is pretty much any GOP corrupt candidate that will take money for their soul. So if communism is good enough for the corporations the Republican Party must support communism. In fact is that not what they are trying to do to this country? Limiting government and taking control over every aspect of American life as we know it. From collective bargaining to our health care? One may argue about President Obamas’ intentions on health care, my guess is he does not hold stock in the drug companies, insurance companies, or get politically backed by either. His intentions are good ones to make affordable health care for every American. How can you argue with that?
OK so I would just like to inform you of the reasons they call you a commie: 
  1.     They do not know any other word
  2.   They watch Fox News and Glenn Beck far too often 
  3. Since they watch Fox News they are brainwashed 
  4.    Their intentions are to piss you off lets just say, I know you are but what am I. (this doesn’t piss me off in any way, in fact I think it to be quite humorous) 
  5.   They’re angry that their own party is making them look bad so they’re lashing out
  6. Their mother did not love them 
  7. They have no better argument 
  8. There is absolutely no good reason in being a Republican unless you are working as an executive on wall street, any major corporation, or you have more money then Oprah (and she’s a Democrat).
  9. They are angry that their child is gay 
  10. They have no sense of reality (remember they watch Fox News)
Wow that list could go on for days. I just do not have that kind of time.
Come backs to the uneducated name calling….
Best thing to do is ignore them, but if you’re anything like me it’s impossible. You want to get a rise out of them, because lets face it name calling and arguing can be fun.
  • I like you, you remind me of when I was young and stupid 
  •   No, my powers can be used for good
  • I don’t know what your problem is, but I bet it’s hard to pronounce
  •  I can see your point, but I think you’re full of shit
  •   What am I? Fly paper for freaks?
  •   We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.
  •  I’m not a communist, but you are insignificant
  • It’s a thankless job, but I have a lot of karma to burn off
  • Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental
  • Apparently it is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them   
So have fun with the Conservative that thinks the world starts and stops based on Fox News or anyone who has these distorted views of the Tea Party or Glenn Beck.

[1]  Communism, English World Dictionary.

Russ Feingold, Modern Day Profile In Courage.

This is a paper I wrote for my American Government class. It represents what is needed throughout Government. Throughout history, there has been corruption in politics. There are too few that stand up for what is right and their moral convictions. The book Profiles in Courage by John F Kennedy gives many examples of the courage which is needed in our society, not just in Government. Russ Feingold is the person I chose to go with the story. The assignment was to provide a modern example of Profiles in Courage following the same basic thesis from the book. Which I have done, well according to my professor. Please review this and let me know what you think.
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            Profiles in Courage depict acts of bravery from eight Senators lives while achieving to make history in their fight. Each of these men had honor, integrity, and made conscious decisions, most of which were un-popular and went against their parties’ beliefs. These people stood up for what was right and decent. The great stories of the men went above and beyond, in some cases ultimately ruined their political careers. These great American heroes had determination and would not give in to the mere scrutiny, blackmail, bribes, and bad press. Edmond Ross was true to his convictions and stood by his values in a vote that ultimately cost him his Senate seat. Throughout history there have been very few people that will not take a bribe or become a follower. The man that truly influenced the United States in the right direction was Lucius Lamar for his continued efforts between the North and South. American Government today may very well benefit from these types of selfless acts. Other than the great people advocated in these stories there have been additional acts of courage one of which is former Senator Russ Feingold a Democrat of Wisconsin. The underlying problem with American Government is that these acts are few and far between.
            All of the Senators had something to lose by their actions; however their moral dilemma weighed stronger then popular choice. Edmond G. Ross had the most to lose, a young freshman Senator with a full political career ahead of him. Ross had the potential to make a long career out of the Senate unfortunately one vote changed this mans fate; the vote to impeach the President of the United States. After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated Johnson became President. As unusual as it is Lincoln was a Republican and chose a Democratic Vice President. The Republican Party tried Johnson for impeachment. “The temporary and unstable two-thirds majority which had enabled the Senate Radical Republicans on several occasions to enact legislation over the President’s veto was, they knew, insufficiently reliable for an impeachment conviction.”[1] President Andrew Johnson was despised by the Republican Party. The effort President Johnson produced, to transmit the late President Lincoln’s wishes and reconstruct the south, was opposed in the Republican Party.  The vote Ross would make at the impeachment trial ultimately decided the fate of the President as well as his own. He kept his vote secret, not revealing which way he would vote. When the House of Representatives passed the impeachment on their end and Ross said, “Well, Sprague, the thing is here; and so far as I am concerned, though a Republican and opposed to Mr. Johnson and his policy, he shall have as fair a trial as an accused man ever had on this earth.”[2] Ross ultimately chose his values over the Republican Party. Ross disagreed with President Johnson’s views and ended up voting the other way to not impeach the President based on a conscious decision. This broke the Senators career in Congress and is just one example of the obstacles and challenges men like this face. To accept bribes or not except bribes, tough for any person with morals. This courage was a selfless act that is seldom seen in Politics.
The great Lucious Lamar a Democratic Senator of Mississippi had tremendous spirit as well as bringing men to tears while giving a eulogy for Republican Senator Charles Sumner.   Lamar supported mending ties between the North and the South which was the unpopular opinion of his constituents. The impact of Senator Lamar’s actions demonstrated exceptional progress after the Civil War. In 1877 a new bill was on the table, the free silver bill. Lamar would not support the bill that may have enriched his state, which was in the middle of a depression. Lamar found that free silver, although it would provide much-needed help to his people, would be dreadful to the economy and have no long term effect of stability. The citizens turned on Lamar, even friends, “His old friend Jefferson Davis hurt him deeply by condemning Lamar’s disregard of the Legislature’s instructions and an attack upon the foundation of our political system and the long-standing practice of the Southern Democratic Party.”[3] The Senator did many great things in his long political career, unlike Senator Ross; these particular acts of courage did not in fact end Senator Lamar’s career, he eventually went on to become a Presidential advisor. Although these acts of courage are different, they have a similarity, both acts took guts. Senator Lamar shaped the United States by bringing the North and the South together. It is hard to believe there are so few people in power in the United States that would stand up and do what is proper for the people.
Political corruption in the United States is a growing concern, changing the corruption is looking bleak, major Constitutional issues occur in order for one courageous person to stands up for what is right. The few, the proud, the brave is not something that comes along everyday, especially among elected officials. Russ Feingold, former Senator of Wisconsin led with conviction and honor like the Senators before him, mostly noted for his lone voice during the 2001 Patriot act. The Patriot Act which he accuses, then President, George W Bush of going against the Constitution and states that: “The new law goes into a lot of areas that have nothing to do with terrorism and have a lot to do with the government and the FBI having a wish list of things they want to do, whether it be getting into peoples computer use, medical records, or other items not related to terrorism.”[4] Senator Feingold started a revolt against the Constitutionality of this bill and has continued to strongly oppose pieces of the Patriot Act. One provision for which the Senator is strongly opposed to is called ‘National Security Letters’ which authorizes the administration to subpoena anyone they may deem a terrorist and seize business records without obtaining permission from a judge. Since 2001 when the Patriot Act took effect this occurs tens, of thousands of times per year. Senator Feingold started an investigation against the Patriot Act to adjust the flaws in the translation.  The Senator conducted this by questioning the justice committee. Following a few questions, Feingold explains his concerns.
That’s not how this was sold, to the American people; it was sold as stated on DOJ’s website in 2005 as being necessary, quote: “to conduct investigations without tipping off terrorists.” I’m going to say it’s quite extraordinary to grant government the statutory authority to secretly break into Americans homes in criminal cases and I think some Americans will be concerned that it’s been used hundreds of times in just a single year of year of non-terrorism cases. [5]
Feingold has not won the Patriot Act struggle, the fight continues today. Senator Feingold is also known for a contrasting point of view when it came to the massive bank bail outs. The Senator fought for the Glass Seagall bill to be removed in order for financial reform to take place. He also founded an amendment seeking a timetable on pulling the troops out of Afghanistan. Senator Feingold turned heads when he worked with Republican Senator John McCain on financial election reform as well as other bills in the Senate. Feingold and McCain although they disagreed on some issues formed a bipartisan reform and McCain should be noted for the courage it took to not side with his party. In November 2010 Senator Feingold lost the election to a Republican Senator Ron Johnson. Senator Feingold may not currently hold a public office; it is highly unlikely his congressional career is over. This Senator acts in valor with a superior conscious to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
            The outstanding acts of courage and bravery shall not be forgotten. Profiles in Courage shows the defining moments of the eight Senators that took a stand for what they believed was the right thing to do. Audacious acts rarely happen when it comes to American Government of any time period. One might say the people that these heroic men stood up to may have felt strongly in their convictions as well. It only takes a single individual to declare that something is immoral; if a single person disagrees then everyone needs to step back and re-think their decision. Political debate is all about compromise, if one no one gives in, the debate continues. The Government would be a power to be reckoned with if there were more Ross’s, Lamar’s, and Feingold’s. There is something to be said for one who will stand up for what they believe in no matter what the consequences. These men were anything but spineless; they are true American Heroes and will not be forgotten, thanks to John F Kennedy.
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The Tea Party Elections

Ever since Governor Scott Walker decided to take collective bargaining off the table in Wisconsin, there has been much talk about Unions funding elections. This is a true fact, private and public unions do in fact contribute to the Democratic Party. However, there has been little talk of who funds the Republican Party or the Tea Party. Much research has been done to give the actual facts.

The November 2010 election is what this is focused on. Just one election, this factual data will show that the Unions do partly fund the Democrats, also will show that the Corporations fund the Republicans and Tea Party. There has been things said to the extent of your tax money and union dues have been spend on the Democratic party. Remember what this is about, Government and who is the more dirty is not the question here. The majority of the United States Government is crooked, but the Republican Tea Party brings this to a whole new level. If tax payers fund the Democrats, lets be clear to say that tax payers are also funding the Republicans by way of the Corporations that own the United States currently.

Tea Party Senator        Campaign Funds         Top 5 Contributors
Kelly Ayotte , NH            $4,414,291            Elliot Management
Verizon Communications
FMR Corp
Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Daniel Coats, IN         $4,396,274            Blue Cross/Blue Shield
                                                                   Elliot Management
                                                                 Barnes & Thornburg
                                                                    Krieg Devault LLP
                                                                    King & Spalding
John Hoeven, ND        $3,801,481             Murray Energy
                  Hess Corp
            Berkshire Hathaway
                 Xcel Energy
Ron Johnson, WI        $15,235,898      Koch Industries
                                                       Northwestern Mutual
                                                        Continental Resources
                                                    Fiduciary Management Inc
                                              Founders Joint Candidate Cmte
Mike Lee, UT          $1,710,429             APX Alarm
        Sidley Austin LLP
              Tosh Inc
             Apex Alarm
      Sullivan & Cromwell
Paul Rand, KY       $7,809,324   Alliance Resource Partners
      Koch Industries
Mason Capital Management
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
 Corriente Advisors
Rob Portman, OH   $16,537,868    American Financial Group
Squire, Sanders & Dempsey
     Elliott Management
     JPMorgan Chase & Co
         General Electric
Marco Rubio, FL     $21,748,330     Club for Growth
      Elliott Management
Senate Conservatives Fund
        Flo-Sun Inc
     Koch Industries
Pat Toomey, PA             $17,045,467  Club for Growth
         Elliott Management

Senate Conservatives Fund

 SAC Capital Advisors
Federated Investors Inc

Research has shown that Blue Cross/Blue Shield is a major contributor to the Republican Party. They have funded the majority of Senators listed, although not all in the top five. It makes one wonder why an insurance company would invest in politics. Obama Care or the Patient Protection Affordable Health Care Act, seems to be the main reason. It makes more sense why the Te Party is fighting this so much. There have been numerous lies put out about the health care plan. In all actuality it is a good thing for the country. That will be discussed at a later date, for now this is all about election funding. Koch Industries is also one that funded most of these Republican Senators. There is a video campaign ad above from a Senator with one of the highest funds that were available to them.


Democrat Senator        Campaign Funds             Contributors
Richard Blumenthal, Ct   $8,733,486     ActBlue
          Yale University
       State of Connecticut
  Boies, Schiller & Flexner
   Cablevision Systems
Chris Coons, DE       $3,852,043        ActBlue
 Young, Conaway et al
  Skadden, Arps et al
     Comcast Corp
   Grant & Eisenhofer
Joe Manchin, WV    $4,395,107        ActBlue
         Mylan Inc
  FirstEnergy Corp
  Jackson Kelly Pllc

                                             American Electric Power

Unfortunately, there were no campaign adds for Richard Blumenthal on youtube, only his opponent, she tried very hard.
After doing the research a few questions arose. For example with the Democrats ActBlue, what exactly is ActBlue?
ActBlue is a democratic fundraiser, anyone is able to donate to this. It is not funded by the Unions, it is just a place to donate to the Democratic elections.

Next question who is Elliot Management? Elliot Management is a private investment partnership involved in a diversified trade program, sounds like wall street or a bank, you be the judge.

Everyone has heard of Koch Industries, but exactly what do they do, besides funding all the Republican Candidates?
This is right off the website, their mission statement, if that is what you want to call it is pretty long. Link at the bottom of the page. “We have long been committed to creating real, sustainable value for all of society. For decades, Koch companies and Koch foundations have supported education and social progress. These philanthropic efforts include support for educational institutions, foundations and programs that study and promote market-based solutions to societal challenges; protect, conserve and enhance natural resources; improve quality of life; and support human services and at-risk youth. “


 Quite a lot of money went into these individual Senators, this list is only the new candidates for the 2010 election. Millions are spent on elections every term. The smear campaigns this money was spent on is appalling, there are less voters when these smear campaigns come out. People figure that both parties are not good, or they are unable to make up their minds. Good old fashioned debating would make more sense. This way there would be no need for millions toward campaigns. Most Americans would rather hear what the candidate is planning on doing, instead of hearing why their opponent is a terrible person. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of unlimited spending toward a campaign. It was said that it would be against the first amendment to limit election funds. No one will argue that free speech is a powerful and great thing US citizens have. However, there are problems with it as well, using free speech and attaching it to money for a campaign seems Unconstitutional. If you feel the same way and think it is unconstitutional there is a link on the right side of this page, a petition to ban corporate spending on campaigns as well as cap the amount to be spent on a campaign.

Top 10 Reasons to Steer Clear of the Tea Party!

Photo by: Mark Bryan…what an amazing artist check his site out
The Tea Party began on January 24, 2009 in New York, it was a small event hosted by Trevor Leach, and he organized a tax protest. This was in response to the Governor of New York David Paterson’s tax increases. It spawned from there; the next big event was publicized by a Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin. The main trigger to the added publicity and encouraged followers was the Bank bailouts that were given by the Bush and Obama administration. At one rally protesters were questioned why they are there and what they were angry about. “They think federal spending deficits, and taxes are high, and they think no one in Washington is listening to them…”[1] After that the Tea Party starts picking up around the country.
This is what a Tea Party is…


This is a bunch of white, middle aged men acting foolish…
There have been several polls taken around the country as to what the membership consists of. Tea Party supporters are mostly white, males, 45 or older, more conservative then most, wealthy, and more education then average Americans. The other finding from these polls that are quite unsettling “11% saying they are concerned over Obama’s race, religion, or ethical background.”[2] That should not be a factor in your political opinion, but it obviously is for these people. Another finding that was disturbing was that “82% of Tea Party supporters do not believe that gay and lesbian couples should have a legal right to marry, and 52% believe that lesbians and gays have too much political power”[3] The United States was once thought of as a diverse country. It seems there is more hate in the US then one would think. The majority of the Tea Party supporters are Republican Conservatives that want your money. I was raised on the belief that the Republican Party will only do for the wealthy, that still holds true today.
  • Tea Party politicians are Corporate backed, which means these corporations are running the politician that was elected. The Corporations donate millions to the Tea Party, in hopes if elected they will help them make even more money.
  • Corporate law, since these Corporations run your elected official, think of how that changes the law. Two examples, Global Warming is not real, (Science says differently) these people really believe that it was an elaborate hoax. Evolution is not real; again there has been scientific proof. Extreme Christians may not believe it, but the facts do not lie. The main reasons for these conspiracy theories are one Global Warming laws could mean these Corporate owned companies would not have the power to let go their pollution into the environment.
  • Taxes are a major issue, we can not raise taxes on anyone, so they say, yet they raised taxes on one class. Any family that makes less than 40k per year had a tax increase in 2010. The wealthy in the US either pay low taxes or they find loopholes to get out of paying any tax. This is what the Tea Party wants to make sure their rich corporate friends do not lose their money.
  • De-Unionizing the country, there really is not much more to say then that. Except that it is wrong and workers need rights just like Corporations need not to pay taxes.
  • Fox News made the Tea Party what it is, listening to their lies and half truths make the Tea Party look appealing. There is a few websites dedicated to getting Fox off the air and I will list them at the end.
  • Constitutional Point Of View is off, you can interpret the Constitution in numerous ways, that is for the Supreme Court to decide, not the Tea Party
  • Oil Subsides, the Tea Party is all for this, why would you want to give more of your money away to the oil companies that are squeezing you dry at the pump?
  • Education, why in the world would anyone want to privatize education? The Tea Party is all for cutting funds on schools and closing some, if not all in the future.
  • Social Security and Medicare, look I know we all believe that Social Security will be gone by the time anyone under 65 needs it, but to cut that from people who need it now is ridiculous! Some of the elderly budget according to their Social Security checks and that is the bottom line.
  • Health care, this is just ludicrous first the politicians said they did not want to read the Obamacare bill, it is too long. Now they completely oppose it, but offer nothing in return. The reason for this huge opposition to Obamacare goes back to Corporations, the Tea Party politicians and most of the Republicans in general have stock in the insurance and drug companies. They also are backed by these companies in campaigns.
There are many different Tea Party Organizations all make decent money as well. The breakdown is as follows:
         Tea Party Patriots– 1,000 affiliates across the nation claim to be the official Tea Party.
         The National Tea Party Federation– formed by several Tea Party leaders to help spread the message.
         The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition– a national coalition of several dozen local tea party groups
         Tea Party Nation– Sponsored the National Tea Party Convention that was criticized for it $549.00 per person ticket price. Sarah Palin was said to have been paid 100k for her appearance at this event.[4]
         Tea Party Caucus– The House of Representatives, Michele Bachmann founded this and sits as the chair. This caucus is supposed to be devoted to the Tea Party’s philosophy, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and adherence to the Constitution.
See this is all about money; the supposed ‘Tea Party’ does not care even a little about the people. For these people it is all about the money, of course they are looking to be re-elected as well, that is why they pretend to care. Some politicians if not most are using this uprising if you will to their advantage. They gain money, publicity, and power, the power is what is terrifying. The Constitution was based on checks and balances, if the Tea Party is all for the Constitution, what exactly are they doing. Who is checking on the lobbying that is a major problem within the Tea Party caucus. If someone gives them enough money they will do whatever they want them to. It is quite absurd, this is not just the Tea Party, it is all of Government in general. These acts are far from Courageous these political figures accepting bribes or falling into blackmail are a major problem in politics today.
 This does not even crack into everything the Tea Party has done, and is doing today. This is made to be informative, on what the Tea Party is about and what. This blog will continue until the end of the Tea Party or myself.

Anti-Fox News Websites….