Washington Corruption

If you watch television for any length of time you will see all kinds of garbage. If you watch any news programs for any length of time you will see what they want you to see. They conceal the truth and focus on stories that play with peoples emotions. Concealing the truth is what they have to do in order to stop a public uprising or riot. If the majority of the American people knew what was happening behind the scenes the riots would have began years ago.


Corruption in Washington is something most people are aware of. The level of corruption taking place in present day is a whole different ball game. They sure do hide it better then they used to. It seems everyone in Washington or that works for the federal government has their hands out. If a nuclear facility was dumping radioactive material in your drinking water do you think the EPA would not go for a bonus check in lieu of doing his or her job? If you believe they would report that company and not take the money you are really naive. This indeed has happened just recently in Vermont. You realize that this debt deal everyone is talking about is a diversion to get more money and for congress to steal their way to the top. These diversions are what makes this country keep moving. Think of the Casey Anthony trial, in 2008 out of 16 states 180 children were murdered by a parent. The focus on this trial was another diversion. Playing on peoples emotions is something I mentioned earlier, this is one example. People were furious with Casey Anthony, yet this happens more often then people think and it is not televised like this trial was.

Sure the economy is in shambles and since everyone in government has their hands out, it will never be saved. The only answer they have lets print some more money. It is just like a greedy child in a toy store. One toy just is not enough for these guys. Our money is worthless, good paying jobs are a thing of the past, people are going hungry, homeless, and losing families and for what? So those suits in Washington can work as little as possible and steal money. Let us not forget the fact that they get paid when they are out of office (for the rest of their lives).

The US government spent 33 billion dollars in 2007 on foreign aid. Yet 744,000 people were estimated to be homeless that very year. 1 billion of that foreign aid could have went to those 744,000 people to at least feed them and give them some form of shelter. What is this country coming to? People are homeless, hungry, and jobless but lets not help those people we may need Cairo’s resources tomorrow that billion should go to them. What is good for our people is good for our country. Of the countries we send money to not all are allies. We can easily get blown to bits by one of the countries we fund.

I have wrote about the government giving to corporations before, but now is not the time. Why on earth would the US government help fund major corporations that net billions themselves? I read the budget deal, it will change how anyone on social security lives in 2012. However, it did increase the pell grants for education which surprised me. Obama got something for himself. The whole thing is upsetting. People you need to pay attention to what is going on. The United States is trying to consume your mind by giving out false information and brainwashing you with gadgets from China.

Now is the time to do something, no one is going to hold your hand. Every American needs to stick together they are screwing everyone. Oh, except for the wealthy and foreign countries. If you want to be proud of your country no time like the present. Either do something or watch Americans get dumbed-down. That is what is happening.




To the Idiots in Washington:

Dear (Insert Name Here),
Why do you insist on screwing the American people yet again? It is time that you jerks figure out that you can no longer rob us. The United States is in a debt crisis. What makes you think you can steal even more money then you have already taken? It is astonishing just how badly the country is falling apart. Democracy is dead all that is left is hostage taking on the Republican side.
Public Enemy #1
You Democrats, are not that much better. You are like the friend that talks crap behind our backs. We all know you do but for some reason, you seem like the better choice. This is no more, all of you in the House, the Senate, the White House are no more than common criminals and not one of you can be trusted. The people will rise up against you just like they are doing in other countries.
“Stop screwing the Americans” Michelle Obama
You take our jobs away, if we have jobs you tell us to work more hours, you raise gas prices, coffee prices, tobacco prices and expect us to work more hours. How is that possible when we make less money? Now we pay more for everything on a fraction of the salary we are used to. Every last one of you are committing a crime against this country. If nothing is done it will shock me.
Cutting down welfare may not be the best idea, these are the people you need to worry about. Having nothing to lose makes for a dangerous person. Which brings me to Medicare, what in the hell is that all about? Now I am not saying everyone on food stamps or welfare is lazy, but some are. You will give these people any kind of medical treatment free of charge, but a poor old man/lady does not get the same treatment. Most of the elderly have worked all their life and for what? For our government to screw them over, make them eat cat food and not give them the proper medical treatment or medication they need. Washington WAKE UP! You can sure as hell bet the people will and when they do it will bring a smile to my face.
Look at what is going on in this country, increases in murder, theft, rape, robbery, and yes even suicide. Gee I wonder why this is happening?  If people can not find work or they can not make enough money to either feed their family or put a roof over their head they commit crimes.
If something is not done to fix the corruption in Washington, and I mean like yesterday the shit will hit the fan. It has already begun. I hope you enjoyed your pampered lives because it looks like it may end very soon. I am suggesting your lifestyles, they should change. Cut some of your salaries, everyone knows not a single one of you need more money.
A pissed off American!